New material from Kausalgia, great! The previous release (Promo 2010, reviewed here) was an excellent display from a young band, and now that I'm holding the band's first official EP I'm eager to see if the strong and skillful delivery is still present.

On their new EP, Kausalgia continues spreading the sorrowful message of dark metal. The keyboards play a big role, and the guitars chant out beautiful melodies. The melodies are truly one of the band's strengths, occasionally reminding me of some Norwegian melodic black metal bands.

The guitar work sounds very good with its black metal-tremolos and relatively plentiful solos. The vocalist's screaming is very shredding, tearing and strong, and overall really pleasing to the ear. The drums follow the melodic lines, too, so not a lot of blastbeat is to be heard here - and because of the songs' solemn and melancholic atmosphere it was a good decision not to include too much of it, too.

The album's overall feel is atmospheric and melodic, and these sides are served great by the excellent and clear sounds. They're rather light too, which is mostly a positive thing. The band seems to have set their language to English now and it's okay, although I personally think that the songs sung in Finnish sound better.

As a summary it must be said that the band's strong merits are again displayed by this EP. I hope Kausalgia will make a full-length album sooner or later. Until then...

8 / 10