First impressions often make the impact, but the impact is even stronger when the prelude ends and youíre faced with disappointment.
For Served Dead reality hitís hard in the post-intro phase and the boombastic orchestrated prelude quickly switches into aggressive, noisy and raw black(ish) metal. So much for the hopes about refined orchestrated and innovative music, instead we have a rather generic mixture in the vein of Dimmu Borgir, Emperor and Cradle Of Filth.
The lovely orchestrations function mostly as spice and gains only spotlight during the more subtle passages. Otherwise the music is drenched in the violent distortions.
The vocals are refreshingly versatile ranging from spoken word, to growls and screams & wails. Sadly enough the vocals give me strong references to Dani Filth. Not that Dani is a bad vocalist, the reference is just annoying.
Much of the rating this time may be to my preconceptions of the given album, but the other half is the way too generic material. The album lacks any real killer material and overall lacks personality.

6+ / 10