The Greek band Vermingod has existed since 2003, but it wasn't until 2008 that they managed to find a stable line-up. Things started progressing faster after that, and the group released their debut full-length in 2010. Now in 2012 the album was followed by a promotional online-EP called "Symptom Cult."

Vermingod's brand of death metal is rather technical but still very heavy, even brutal. Despite the heavy technicality with all the fast-paced riffs, discords and rhythmic gimmicks and breaks, the songs retain their logic and general style and direction fairly well. Unlike with bands such as The Faceless and Beneath The Massacre, the songs don't at any point resort into mindless gimmickry just for the sake of creating and awe-effect: the riffs have a purpose here.

Sound-wise the EP leaves little to complain; the triggered drums are heavy and clear enough, and so are the guitars. The bass doesn't really stand out, though, which is a shame as a better employed bass might bring more depth and complexity into the songs. The growled vocals are deep enough as well, but also have enough variation to not become boring.

Overall the EP leaves little to complain. It presents four songs of well-composed and -played death metal with a good balance between heaviness and technicality. I would just wish for a bit more personality from the band and more boldness from the compositions, and my crawing for more personality applies to the rather generic soundscape as well. These are not flaws as such, but noting how capable the band is, these are the points they could most certainly develop themselves and their expression in.

8- / 10