Total Recall plays punk! Itís way better than the 1990 Schwarzenegger movie and weíre not even speaking of the new Colin Farrell flick!
...but fuck the movies and letís talk music. First off; Iím no major authority on punk as I canít stand many punk bands. Still, from my own objective point of view, I do know good music.
When it comes to Total Recall you first feast your ears on the actual quality of playing.
The listener is served a fair ass whooping with a melodic topping and the best part is that futile aggression has been left on the bench. Youíre also served with some nice gimmicks along the road, like tempo changes within songs. Thing like that always give the impression of talented, or at least able, musicians.
A part here and a melody there reminds me of early Turbonegro but there are even stronger hints towards American hardcore pioneers, Black Flag. With that said, the main riff in ďTaxi DriverĒ reminds me of Speedy and Saku from Finnish comedy series ďkummeliĒ (no pun intended... itís just an association in my head).

Total Recall showcases intense energy throughout their LP. The energy and intensity can be felt even when they slow down the pace and you can really tell the band has put their soul on record.
The vocalist operates much around the border of his range and the voice breaks on many occasions. Again, this is punk and the solution works for the best. Along the listens I even start enjoying the vocals, though I usually canít stand punk screams.
The lyrical themes are angst driven with a good amount of self-reflection. On the other hand, some lyrics are more fictional (or movie based?) murder stories.
However, all lyrics are written with good taste and style and simply avoid childish or teen-like stupidity.

Overall the LP is very impressive and much kudos go out to the band for the promo package.
The LP look great in itís simple black and red layout, also the little zine about the events around recording the album was an interesting read.
...and the music? Iíll just let the rating speak for itself!

8- / 10