Some people make weird decisions just to be special, others make weird decisions because they can. More often than not, these decisions come back to haunt you because of the inevitable failure of weird ideas. Lucky for us a handful of chosen fews actually succeed.
K + K - Tactics is a weird ass duo that has the goods behind their ideas and make nothing more than a drum & bass duo work!
On Finnish soil it’s not that unique, but these guys take a clear step away from “that other” drum & bass duo.

The tracks have depth and a free flowing structure that builds an arch throughout the demo. All four songs are a bit indistinguishable amongst each other, but the whole works as a live storyline.
Though the lineup seems stripped, the band manages to fluidly flow from atmospheric music over a few psychotic bridges into a steady rock groove. Save a few blasts they strictly avoid going into any aggressive bashing altogether. Deliberate or not, for me and for the sake of the whole, this feels like an excellent choice.
The songs are not just about rhythm, but they actually squeeze in some nice melodies and really stretch the bass as a lead instrument. To be honest, I’d like to see many rock bands taking notice of the incredible depth and range of the bass guitar instead of just using it to double up the guitars!
Based upon the few sporadic instances of voice on the short demo, I feel it’s safe to say it was a good call to go instrumental for this dynamic duo.

The thing that concerns me is: Has the band painted themselves into a corner? Does their chosen output bend into larger wholes?
For future’s sakes, I hope so! At least the guys are genius’ with their given instruments as long as the creative juices are flowing.

4- / 5