Pissing Cobras is a young Finnish rock-quartet, who're now presenting us with their debut demo. The raw guitars and their riffs reveal that the band's main influences come from Peer Günt and other bands who play raw and simple rock'n'roll, but that isn't all that the band's got to offer.

The drums are played in a lively metal-fashion, the heavy and vast bass-sound is more familiar to older death metal, and there are occasional brief segments which are very reminiscent of traditional black metal with their tremolo-riffs and blasting. The strong and rough vocals are more about filthy rock'n'roll, though, making sure that the band doesn't stray too far from their core expression despite these alien segments and influences.

The production values are really good and professional. The instruments have enough character and raw filth on them, but are still heavy and deep. I would've personally preferred a bit rougher sound to enhance the riffs' nuances better, but that's just a personal preference. The songs just seem a bit too even and similar-sounding for my ears, because the sound doesn't enhance their more than adequate diversity the way it could.

Sado-Maso Jamboree presents a band that seems to be serious about what they do, and one that isn't afraid of staying true to theirselves and employing their own favourite influences. I'd still say that the band needs to knit these influences tighter together ínto a more holistic and original style to stand out from the mass (if that's one of their goals). The songs are all-around good ones, but, shortly said, I bet the band can do even better as far as the songs' impact and originality are concerned.

I'll be waiting for Pissing Cobras' second demo.

3˝ / 5