Narkoosi ("Narcosis," which refers to societal/political one, not a medical one) is a Finnish hardcore punk-band, and this is their debut demo tape.

The eight songs present really traditional and fast hardcore punk. Luckily there are some occasional mid-paces and crust punk-influences bringing a nice change of style, and to make the listening experience a less monotonal one. The songs are very vocal-driven, so if you can't understand the strongly political and idealistic lyrics you'll surely miss on a big chunk of the tape's appeal.

The vocals and lyrics are indeed really strong ones, and both of them are responsible for the most part of the tape's personality, originality and appeal. The riffs have some good occasional twists amidst the tradition-reliant chugging, but the damp and soft soundscape damages them and their raw sound way too much. I don't know what has gone wrong with the recording process, but the damp sound makes the tape sound powerless and held-back, which is something way else than what the actual riffs would have to offer.

I hope that the band's second release will have a way bolder and rawer soundscape, as that is what these songs are craving for. The extension of boldness is something I'd like to see on the riff-department as well, as although I'm all for traditional punk, these songs sound already too unoriginal at times. The tape is a good start for the band and shows that they know what they're aiming for and have the musical skills needed for it, but only the vocals and lyrics are yet up to par with the band's goals and ideals. I'm curious to hear whether Narkoosi's next release will bring them a lot closer to their goal or not.

3- / 5