When it comes to Syömisen Äänet and their adorably quaint cassette “Ensimmäisen maailman ongelmia” I could just plain skip the review part and fast forward into the conclusion.
The music has such a strong personality and vibe of childish likeability (this is meant in the best possible way!) that it’s impossible not to be swept away by the sounds.
This is, hands down, both musically and mentally among the most distorted things I have ever heard. Mind you, I have feasted my half-deaf ears on quite an amount of weird shit!

The band does muster together some very cool distorted synth melodies that lead the whole EP through while the aggressive drumwork forwards the show towards it’s inevitable end using fairly easy beats.
Syömisen Äänet has cast together a sound that has an extremely gritty aesthetic and adds on to the quaint overall feeling. The vocal proclamations also have something very likeable to them, although they are meant to be aggressive.

This is on all accounts a collection of very nice ideas of noisy synth-post-punk and the compositions carry through the visions brilliantly.
In the end the punk aspects go a bit lost on me as I hear this mostly as an ...almost positive (?) release. At least it left me smiling!

I really hope to hear more from this oddball troupe what they manage to cast on tape in the future with their distorted synth-bass-drum combo.

8 / 10