When you’re feeling blue and have a burning urge to say “Fuck you!”. Maybe your wife just left or your boss gave the boot? Indeed these are valid reasons for the blues, but you can also spin “Ravens”, a demo from Finnish Death Metal band Apocryfal.

I want to say this clearly enough so there are no question marks: This IS Death Metal! It’s a 150% ass kicking and 3/4 pissing in your face. The music works like a train lavatory and the songs progress like a steam engine. There are absolutely no gimmicks, no tricks.
The concept is as straightforward as getting your ass kicked at the hotdog stand, it’s bashing like there is no tomorrow and all this with the maximum aggression.
The sounds are very tasty and professional for a demo band, the powerful growls fill the soundscape perfectly.

As a downside I find that the styles and songs are too refined to the bands sound. The songs adopt and indistinguishable nature and feel too homogenous. While the whole flows in a perfect arch, the songs don’t stand out between each other. Seriously, I hardly noticed the change of tracks unless I was especially attentive.

4 / 5