Insaniter, from Greece, is a Thrash metal band. You might add they play a very ‘true’ type of Thrash metal that has its paragons in the golden 80’s.
Per se this doesn’t say much as the 80’s included god awful shit displays as well as beautiful bursts of aggression.

So how do we begin? At first glance the music itself is very virile and potent. The band plays with the frantic energy and enthusiasm of youth and above all, belief in what they are doing.
Rightly so as the music is showing potential, there are however a few notes to be taken.
Now let’s not get into discussing the sound, as this is an actual demo, but the vocalist seems to be way out of league with the music. The case where annoyance peaks the scale is the high squeals that just don’t work on any turf. Please stop doing that.
Also the articulation and pronunciation is way too wide for my taste ... sadly I feel the vocals are a complete miss.
The riffing is rather slow which gives the music an odd edge, but here (again) I’m not sure if it works to the advantage of the band. The slow parts seem way too ‘loose’ compared to the tighter fast riffing.
The song structures show some innovation, but are also built way too much upon repetition of riffs that are not always hit material.

Still, there is great potential if these guys show the ambition to tweak their flaws. I am sure they have much to count for. Braver structures, really, really pay attention to the vocals and refine your sound.

3- / 5