Famine year is a Finnish grind/crust-quartet. They've released three demos and a split with the also Finnish Hautaus before this, their first own 7"-record.

I wasn't impressed at all by the band's two demos, but I most certainly was by this record. What it offers is nine songs of grinding crustcore that's delivered with relentless ferocity and nicely crisp, crusty and detailed sounds. There are a few slower moments, such as B-side's opening sludge-paces, but the emphasis is generally on fast-paced aggression with simplistic riffs. Luckily the delivery is so intense that you can only submit to the hate, despite the riffs occasionally being as simple as they get (such as on the opening number). A bonus mention must be given to the splendidly crusty bass-sound and the amazingly hostile and harsh shouted vocals (which you might already be familiar with, as the vocalist also shouts in Feastem.

The lyrics of Tervetuloa Tilastoihin ("Welcome to the Statistics") are about societal everyday slavery and meaningless existence, the society's too high expectations, political greed and other things you'd expect to hear from a crust-oriented band. The lyrics are very strict and aggressive in their images of a world gone wrong, and thus suit the music perfectly.

The EP's hostility, versatility, and relentlessly aggressive attitude together with the tightly handled instrumentation make this 7" a killer, and I can happily recommend purchasing it if you're into fast-paced crust or more punk-oriented grindcore. Only the dull visual side is something to be criticised. I'll be waiting to hear a face-bashing LP from Famine Year in the future.

9 / 10