A storm is brewing as you stand upon a mountain, gazing over you kingdom of darkness and pitch-black obsidian in a sea of molten lava. There a slow evolving mass of liquid distortion and a gruesome voice set a mood for a coming apocalypse that will bring a similar fate to all the lands..
The sounds you hear in the horizon is a minimal and noisy distortion that evolves slowly like melting stone in the fiery blazing inferno.
There is something dark ritualistic about everything. Above all it is unholy.

Before you know it - itís all over, waiting for another spin.
The apocalypse starts over, but too prompt to really fulfill your needs.
No whores of babylon or sins of Sodom, DEATHSTENCH only serves the aftermath and purgatory.
The rotting corpses and the slow yielding pain and suffering that could last for even longer.
...so in wait for a full length we just need to get along with this edited version of armageddon.

7Ĺ / 10