Demos are fun to review as you never really know what to expect. Many times you can hear the bands ambitions and sometimes they make it work, sometimes not.

Wall of the Eyeless really has their shit together ...and tight I might add!

The music is fairly progressive with a nice raw edge and the realisation is very professional.
First thing you really notice is the beautiful harmonies that are being conjured on the guitar.
There is a lot of instrument masturbation incorporated in the tracks, but they are performed within the boundaries of good taste and great style.
What is also remarkable with this demo, is the incredible amount of detail.
The music is full with small tricks and gimmicks that give new life to the music after multiple listens.

The vocals in general are low growls that fit into the context well. You are really left with the feeling that the vocals are mostly a force measure and a vessel to carry the tale onwards.
While the vocals might be a weak link on this demo, they are still good enough.
In the end it’s the music that is in the lead role on this release.

“Through Emptiness” is an extremely ambitious and high quality demo. Everything is made so well that this duo should have a full length release in line already.
The raw energy and beautiful harmonics take turns, building up to a climax.

4- / 5