This tape is the second release from this Finnish one-man power electronics unit. The pro-tape comes with a two-sided j-card featuring skilled, pleasing and theme-fittingly deranged graphics by Si Clark. Admittedly I prefer the minimalistic xerox-sleaze of the project's debut tape, but at least these graphics provide more to see and explore.

It took a few spins for me to get this tape to unravel, as it went with Unclean's debut tape "Obsceneties" as well. It's not because the music would be somehow (in a negative sense) musically introverted or too weird, but because of the songs' subtle variation initially manifesting itself as a barrage of monotonal, rotten power electronics-noise. It was a mass that, although sounding pleasing, leaved little memory trail of itself upon passing.

The songs are built on harsh and heavily decayed mid-pitch analogue rumbling that sounds minimalistic and just filthy. There's absolutely nothing modern to be heard, just rotting layers of noise. The rumbles are complimented by questionable vintage sample-usage and some more piercing high-pitches. The variation is created by the at-the-time abscence of either of these, along with more or less subtle changes in texture. Some songs feature moments of more experimental and slightly clearer electronic whirling sounds, which bring surprising but still fitting variation to the otherwise crude rumbling.

As expected, "Deranged" presents a step forward from the "Obsceneties"-tape. The songs are dense and layered despite the sparse amount of individual instumental elements present at a time. Everything is mixed to a perfect balance, and the employed samples more than make up for the lack of vocals.

This tape is both a flood of gutter filth, and a self-confident and matured display of skill and power.

8 / 10