Music can efficiently be compared to just about anything in modern life. Here in Finland one of the most common comparisons for things that work are made to a train toilet, with regard to the old school version consisting of a hole in the floor. However this wouldnít be a very tasteful (!) comparison.

First off, letís make the base facts clear. Senescence are from the Netherlands and they play melodic death metal. Great! It would be the easiest thing in the world to end the review there, because that really says a whole lot about this band. However as I am feeling inclined to write some more we can dig into our foxholes to observe the music further.

Truth is that the music of Senescence pushes forward like and armored assault vehicle. The band knows where they are heading and how to get there. Thereís no stopping for obstacles, or small kittens, as the riffs roll through the songs like a steamroller gone wild.
Itís not only straightforward bulldozing though, the band inseminates the music with small tricks and gimmicks to bring life to the material.
The vocals vary greatly from harsh low growls to clean vocals and in between there are some higher growls reminiscing of black metal vocals. Thanks to the variations the vocals pull through the complete album as none of the different styles are characteristic enough to carry through the whole length by themselves.

The album is a strong whole, but this is sadly not the complete truth. While the musicianship was compared to a steamroller, the mental traces sadly compare to the pavement.
The music lacks obvious hooks to reel in the listener.
Within its genre Senescence is just a bit too plain, or generic if you will.
The material is basic good but needs a good dose of personality and innovation bring these guys forth from the grey mass of melodic death metal bands.

7+ / 10