Iron Boris is a Finnish trio that makes a twisted racket using a guitar, drums and a pair of lungs. This untitled slab is their debut EP.

I almost fell from my chair upon my initial hearing of this 7". The band's sound is primal, twisted, and in-your-face, bringing names like Baxter Stockman and even Coso to my mind. The paces are mostly fast, and the traditional hc-riffing is accompanied by a great deal of noise rock-esque sudden twists. The sole raw and crunchy guitar is occasionally dowsed in a tasty amount of squealing high notes, glitches, and other forms of discordy pleasure to keep the songs' bare structure constantly on the move, and the vivid and spastic drumming does the same thing. The vocals are served as somewhat lo-fi and distorted shouts that make sure that the lyrics are inaudible, but their feverish attitude and lunacy nonetheless make them suit the music perfectly.

Clearly, this is a band I'd like to see live. The songs have a tremendously twisted nature, but the guitars and drums deliver well enough of entwined and looping rhythms to make them punch your face repeatedly against the nearest hard object. The songs are just about a minute long, but come filled with such an amount of changes, twists and boldness that they'll most certainly stay surprising and effective even for a few consecutive spins.

That is not to say that there wouldn't be room for improvement. For example, I think that if the record was any longer it would start sounding too heavy and stuffed, and hence the band might want to look into ways to give some longer breathing pauses to their cacophony if they're to ever record a full-length. A stronger and more balanced soundscape might do wonders, too, to create more of a joint feel between the instruments and vocals, as now everything seems to revolve around the guitar; the vocals and drums certainly have enough skill and power to take the spotlight here and there, too.

I was initially very impressed by this 7", but after quite an amount of spins I was left craving for something more refined and deeper than primal lunacy. Even so, I have high expectations for the future of Iron Boris.

7 / 10