Hippycrack has been pretty active in 2012. Wallow in your shit is the third release heís put out this year. In addition to this floppy disc I unfortunately only own the split with Pissdeads that came out in 2009. Iíve come across some releases on floppy discs when browsing label catalogues but this is the first finnish release on this format that Iíve come across.

The floppy is packed in cardboard, held together with tape. The cover art has been glued onto the cardboard. The artwork is really cool. A chaotic, geometrical sketch with an inverted anarchy symbol caught in the middle of a chaosphere. On the floppy itself thereís a download link for those of us who donít have floppy drives anymore.

This is a short release with only one three minute song. The noise starts out with low pitch crackling and quickly erupts into a much wider sound, creating a vast yet oppressing soundscape. The ďbackground noiseĒ doesnít change much throughout the song but new elements are constantly brought in as the song progresses. Short blasts of low pitch distortion and high pitch scratching sounds and feedback keep things filthy and interesting.

I love DIY releases. So many noise releases are unnecessarily polished these days, bringing their price up way too high. Hippycrack has made a great release with just some cardboard and an extinct format. Iím also happy with JPA-Records who seem to be getting into a lot more tape releases.

Even though this release is really short it works rather well for a record thatís meant to be played with your computer. Definitely get this if itís still available.

8Ĺ / 10