Aberrant Vascular have walked a long and lonesome path, always deeply shadowed by obscurity. Their choice of style isnít made for the mainstream, but still I would have granted them a bit light among listeners.
I think itís rather safe to say that the Finnish community isnít quite ready for a larger scale Avantgarde uprising quite yet.

It is safe to say that the musical output is still on the lonesome path, the band is absolute in their vision and unwilling to give in to compromises.
The music consists mostly of heartbreaking melodies, discords and industrial-like cold sounds. Every part is utilized and then quickly thrown away and only a few parts are reused, still the music flows on towards itís end feeling like a semi-logical conclusion.
Besides the precipitous music the vocalist Lumi sets the pace for the atmospheres. The range of vocal styles used span from normal clean singing to the occasional growls, but the real curiosity are the majestic male-operatic vocals that are heard along ďAegisthusĒ.
Lumiís voice is highly distinctive and bound to split public opinions straight in two, still they are maybe Ďtheí element that gives the music itís poignant character.

Aberrant Vascular is by no means easy music for the listener. Time and patience are of the utmost importance when you start to absorb the whole.
Every section and part stands its ground, but all in vain if the listener canít get past Lumiís distinct voice.

This is for sure value for money ...and mind you that weíre speaking of a free download.

8- / 10