Well hello, Kanto Arboretum return with their new demo. The debut demo was such a tasty one, that I had high expectations for City of Grass. The one-man-band's melodic eco-black metal already sounded interesting and was of high quality on the debut. Of course, the song themes are very different from the prominent Devil-worship themes of most black metal as well.

As the brightest ones among you might've already noticed, this time the band delivers all its lyrics in English. This should open the band's message to a wider audience, if nothing else. The main thing is, that the lyrical side hasn't been watered down.

The demo's sound is really good and seems to be very thought-out. All the instruments and vocals can be heard well, and the demo doesn't suffer from too heavy sounds. The song structures are still rather straight-forward and the artist has put a solid 110% effort into crafting the riffs. The riffs are really good, and the project's main man P. Korkee has the skill to give the riffs great hooks and melodies. The guy's clearly a good song-writer. My personal favourite from this demo is the title song City of Grass, the riffs of which will remain to play in your head.

Just to stray from utter adoration, I must mention that I would've wished for the drums to deliver some bolder comping- and tempo-variation, as now almost all the songs are played with a steady mid-tempo ticking. With bolder drum arrangements and a hint of surprise the demo would've become more interesting.

4 / 5