Sometimes we face series of difficult conflicts that lead into decisions based upon questions of morale, good taste and mental health.
Let me explain, when pushing play on Nekrokyrpä's very unique piece of art I start to contemplate the essence of music and above all; can this shit be defined as such?
The audible scape is so full of room reverb and noise that the actual music is playing supporting role.
My other conflict is a more literary one, should I be run by my animal instincts and need for flesh or should I be a pussy and get offended by the outtakes from some random pornoflicks?

The second conflict is the easy one to tackle, as the cut samples mostly cause amusement and work as a sort of binding within this release. The other conflict on the other hand is a more difficult one.
Soundwise this release is pure filth, dirty unpolished and 101 proof feces.
A perverted thought takes at times over and I feel that this has actually been the sought sound since the recording was started.
The sound does have it’s sides. It is very forgiving to any errors or mistakes along the road.
What you actually can distinguish along the noise and resonance is a drum that sounds like the mics would have been inside a bucket while recording in a bomb shelter and the vocals which span from guttural grunting to a weird rasp-proclamation.

There is really very few elements to grab hold of along the release and most of the mass just oozes past in the most homogeneous way.
So thank god for the porno samples... they at least helped me distinguish the tracks from each other.

5½ / 10