Our world is full of filth and sleaze to corrupt our peace loving souls, but amongst the worst offenders is DEATHSTENCH who is on a mission to disturb our minds and hearts before the final coming of the divine.
The industrial black metal drones dull down your brain in the harsh whirlwinds of resonance and distortion that sporadely gets interrupted by effects and samples.

Because the rumbling basis is very minimal and the added FX is bleak, cold and industrial, the whole becomes a bit monotonous at places. Still “Massed in Black Shadow has its share of bright shining stars.
The vocal driven “Corpse Upon a Throne of Wyrms” is a strong display of competence, while the more traditional Black Metal bash, “Shrine of Viscera” is way out of it’s place.

DEATHSTENCH is in a way kin to the likes of WOLD or KHANATE, but still has it’s own take and aesthetic to the whole drone-black-metal-noise thing.
While the music starts staggering here and there it is still an ample soundtrack for the dark nights you just have to scare yourself shitless.

7˝ / 10