Grooodg is a band from Russia, and this is their debut-EP. It's available only as a free download from the band's homepage.

The band proclaims to play "middle ages doom." The medieval theme manifests through some sample-choices (such as choir-bits), traditional medieval-style synth work and through the song-themes (I can't comment the lyrics as they're in Russian).

Aside of some synth-backings and interludes as well as track three, which is a calm and minimalistic ambient-piece, the music is total doom. The bassy and downtuned guitar (which actually might be a bass guitar) sounds vast and buzzing, aside of a few additional cleaner solos and feedback, and the riffs are mostly repetitive and below mid-tempo. The vocals are very distorted and hoarse growls that are fairly one-dimensional, and their amount of distortion makes them awkwardly stand out from the otherwise much softer soundscape even though they're situated back in the mix.

The EP holds some functional ideas and genuine intent; the synths and samples are mostly just great, and although the dark bass-buzz and cheerier synths don't always mix (such as on the closing two-minuter), this concept could be evolved into something very pleasing. The problem lies with the songs' execution; the heavy guitar/bass sounds pretty monotonal throughout the release due to its damp and inflexible sound and too safe and simple riffs, and the occasional guitar leads aren't enough to make it more interesting. As this buzzing is the backbone of the release, it's clear that its flaws downgrade the whole EP a lot. When accompanied by programmed drums with good patterns but slightly too plastic sound, the end result seems like a rushed one.

Grooodg is a band with seemingly good intent and ideas, but on this release those ideas and presented in their rawest form and are too often executed badly. Some moments and effects sound very promising, but the holistic experience and the riffs' dull sound, compositional simplisticity and almost total lack of groove gives an image of a band that certainly doesn't yet know how to fully deliver their vision.

4 / 10