This single is the second release by the Russian doom-band Grooodg, and it's also a teaser for their upcoming second EP. While I truly wasn't convinced by Grooodg's debut EP, I wanted to believe that they can top that release easily in their future. I'm happy to announce that this is exactly what they did.

The bassy buzz emerges right after a brief distorted synth-intro. While the buzz-drone-sound itself could still be improved a lot as it's rather stiff and inorganic, the riff itself surprised me: it's still not as groovy or varying like a stoner-riff, but now it actually has a lot more variation and clear structure than anything on the band's previous EP "Hammer of Witches." The programmed drums bother my ears with their loudest hits, but otherwise they're fairly good as well. The vocals are distorted and a bit thin-sounding, but even they sound better now due to being louder and way better arranged.

The second song ups the tempo a bit and adds some aggression through less distorted shouting and a preaching-sample. The song ends to a brief sample of a child and adult singing, which brings a question to my mind: where have the synths gone? There was a brief section of heavily flanged guitar and background ambience in the end of "Bestia Nero," but otherwise they seem to be gone. I like how this fact (and pretty much everything else on this single) shows the band members' improved taste, skills and (most of all) vision for their project. It just seems odd, as the synths were a big part of the previous EP's character. Maybe they'll make a louder return in the future, we'll see.

In short, Grooodg has improved a lot since their previous offering, but this two-song record isn't yet matured or even long enough to fully convince me of the band's greatness. I am now actually looking forward to hearing their next offering, admittedly, but the soundscape still needs a lot of improvement. Some guitar-leads were more frequently present on "Hammer of Witches" which gave the bassy rumbling a nice counterpart, which is something that this single's bare expression lacks. Even so, I can now actually recommend the daring ones among you to check out "Bestia Nero" if you're into filthier doom-sludge and aren't afraid of a strong dose of DIY-craftmanship and -attitude.

5 / 10