I had the pleasure of reviewing the earlier demo of Wall of the Eyeless last year and now Iím treated with their newest accomplishment.
While the process getting a new demo out has taken only two years, the musical diversity has taken numerous leaps forward in time.

On Wimfolsfestta the band has pulled the extremes further apart making the aggression more violent and the soft parts even more serene.
One thing I am more than glad to notice is that the sense of style is still there and everything from musical changes to the instrumental mastership.
Again the beautiful guitar work is masterful, but not showing off Ďin your faceí.

The EP has a beautiful flow mixing together the violence and beauty into an emotional rollercoaster that just will not derail in the curves which is a further indication to the vast talent lying behind the band.

The only thing I am left wanting, is something to whistle afterwards.
None of the melodies turn out to be memorable enough. Thus I donít find an urge to press play again, no matter how good the actual demo is.
Still I anticipate the coming of a full length from these guys. They sure as hell would deserve it.

4- / 5