Bullet Control is an Helsinki-based oddball troupe that refuse to quite fit themselves into any of the ready cast frames of the music industry. This does not mean that they are quite out of paragons in the business, but speaking geologically they are quite alone.
One thing that is for sure is that the boys have put time and effort into their music, perfecting all details. Also their steady stream of live performances strengthens the notion of dedication.

Now with the base covered we can move forward to the things that really matter: The music.

The tracks themselves cover a fair amount of ground both individually and as a whole.

The Great Architect starts out with a heavy riff that the band hammers deep into your head with vicious precision. The guitar work softens as the vocals kick in and flows from there on like a rollercoaster ride with highs and lows, soft and heavy.
Around halfway into the track the true versatility of the vocal usage exposes itself with a spoken word section breaking the habit of the clean singing, screams and growls.

Reykjavik manifests some of the musical insanity of Bullet Control with itís discorded riffing and wild vocal usage. The bursts of frantic craze fills up on the leads that keep the track moving towards itís abrupt end.

If Reykjavik manifested musical insanity then Soda is where the lyrical madness raises the flag.
Musically the song flows nicely and in comparison itís also the calmest track of the EP.
The lyrics are grotesque and weird covering the subject of messed up beauty ideals.

Gun!!! closes this EP with energy, but as a showstopper the track does not carry its weight. This final track bursts with punk influences and shows yet a new side to Bullet Controlís musicality.

While the tracks contain elements from rock, metal and punk, the compositions are well in line with each other, creating a good flow, though I would have loved to hear a more epic track in the end.
Still, one must applaud a band that actually pulls off creating such a rich mixture of influences, still sounding unique.
Besides, the spoken word/rap section on The Great Architect always raises a smile on my face.

8- / 10