This split unites two noise-acts that are rooted deep in the underground. It's available only as a free download at Prime Eggsample Records' site.

I haven't heard of Orange Annihilator, but the one-man project seems to have made a handful of releases and splits during 2012. After the first song's boosted and distorted electronic beats, the remainder is a mixture of dominant mid-pitch harsh noise and drone with a few bits or more shrilling frequencies and softer ambience far in the background. These eight minutes of Orange Annihilator's noise remind me of the smaller-quantity DIY-releases of Endometrium Cuntplow - both in good and bad.

Pretty much every sound seems to be digitally boosted, coating the harshness in crackles. While it makes everything loud and strong (such as what seems to originally have been quiet mumbling in the fourth song's end), it also makes everything a bit hollow. There are some cleaner sounds left in to create depth and contrasts, and the occasional sudden switches in the fairly short songs' flow are a welcome add as well. Still, I cannot shake off the feeling that the artist didn't give his all on this release; for example, pretty much all of the songs could've been extended and their strengths and styles could've been explored further. Now the end results seems like a tryout, or a snippet of something greater.

These four songs leave me confused. On the other hand they demonstrate some clear skill and focused intent, but on the other they seem like raw recordings that could've (and should've) been made a lot better - and there are moments where I feel like the artist just went for the easy solutions and called it a day. I'd like to hear a longer, more focused and more ambitious release from Orange Annihilator.

5 / 10

Larva never stops to surprise me, it seems. While I was really pleased with his noise-grind works, it seems that he has the vision for some other kinds of aural explorations as well. This one-man project's sole track on this split is a peaceful tune of harsh ambience. It consists of a a reversed track of distorted bass guitar-notes, some cleaner bass-notes, harsher guitar reverb, some weird beats that sound like distorted and effected metal-clangs, and some spoken and echoed vocals far in the background.

There's not much to say about this song except that it's simple and pleasing, and the mixture of harsh noisy drones and softer ambience is a successful one. I don't really understand the distorted rhythm-beats in the background though; it's good that the song has rhythm, but the beats sound a little out of place amidst the longer notes.

As a downside, this song ain't too ambitious either; it's a simple experiment and in a way manages to be rather stylish without forgetting the lo-fi/DIY-aesthetics, but its whole concept and style could've been taken much further. I wouldn't mind if this song was just a "teaser" for a longer and more thoughtfully crafted drone/ambient-release from Larva, and who knows, maybe he'll make a release like that in the future.

6 / 10

Listening to this split-release is certainly not a waste of time, but both of the artist could've taken their noise-experiments way further to create something more effective and memorable.

6 / 10