This tape, which is the debut for this duo, is limited to 50 copies. It comes wrapped in a red A4-sheet including a short description of the album, as well as other necessary infos. As far as DIY-packages go, this one is actually pretty cool and functional - as long as you don't tear it.

The two songs here sound like live-improvisations, but I might be wrong. They consist of beautiful-sounding piano melodies and passages, and a heavily echoed and soft guitar-wailing. The songs are fairly traditional as far as this kind of ambience goes, but it doesn't make them any less pleasing - at least for someone as myself, who doesn't listen to this kind of art often.

The songs were recorded straight onto a two-track recorder, and contain plenty of natural and organic room-reverb. The resulting sound is soft and beautiful, but also dusty and nicely rugged. The additional tape-hiss sounds rather harsh amidst the ethereal passages (especially in the very quiet parts), but mostly it can be counted to be an appealing characteristic rather than a flaw. The guitar does occasionally fade quite far into the hiss on the B-side, though, which is something I hope the artists do take a note of when creating their second offering.

If you want a nice tape of calm, soothing and ethereal music to accompany (and enhance) your sessions of relaxation, this one won't be a bad purchase. It's very traditional, but not dull. The tape does what it promises, although I hope the duo gives more focus on the tape hiss and contrasts in the future. In its current state, the A-side clearly outshines the B-side simply due to it being clearer and louder, which is also why I had to give this album a relatively low grading.

6 / 10