This split was originally released as a CD-R-edition of mere 20 copies, but is now available as a free download on the label's bandcamp-page with rather nice cover artwork. I am familiar with Larva's works, but Lost Appeal is new to me.

Lost Appeal's side features, if I'm correct in my assumptions, almost five minutes of digitally boosted and distorted shouting and glitchy digital noise in the usual fashion of modern underground noise. The songs are short and hectic, and rather pleasing when noting how minimalistic basis they have. I just wish the artist would've dropped off the high-frequency noises, as their thin and plastic sound makes them merely annoying. High frequencies can be really pleasing and functional, but you won't hear any of that here.

Shortly said, this release features simple but enjoyable digital harsh noise with useless high frequencies to torment your ears. It's all enjoyable for the five minutes it lasts, but I wouldn't want to hear a longer release that's made in such a simple and one-dimensional fashion; the distortion doesn't hide the vocals' silliness, and the actual harsh noise wouldn't be nearly as interesting if it wouldn't progress and vary with such a fast pace. I haven't heard anything else from the project so far, but I do hope he's put more effort and ambition into his other creations.

4- / 10

Larva's side starts with the same useless high-frequency tinnitus that I just find absolutely useless. There is some muffled shouting in the back of the mixing, but the high frequencies take all the attention and make the one-minute opener just annoying for me - it's not even proper feedback, but digital monotone. The following four-minute track is occasionally pained by similar frequencies, but otherwise it offers way more. It focuses on monotonal distortion-rumble with some spoken samples, glitch-loops and digital thundering, along with an overtly fast-paced and thin-sounding beat that lasts almost throughout the track.

The track has some genuine intent behind it, but the end result is rather boring. There are some good elements within the song, but they're used in a non-inspiring manner - for example, the typewriter-like "beat" sounds interesting, but it doesn't really seem to have a purpose in the song, and the acoustic clangs sound hollow.

I was truly let down by Larva's side of this split. I know for a fact (as I've heard some of his other releases) that the artist behind it is capable of way more interesting and thought-out material. In comparison to those, these two songs sound boring and uninspired. A shame.

2 / 10

As a summary, I will not return to this split in the future. It might be interesting to people who are looking into more humorous and crude harsh noise DIY (with which I'm referring to Lost Appeal's tracks), or to those who are new to this kind of sounds and experiments and are looking for sounds to hurt their ears with. For me, the best aspect of this split was the cover image. I am truly disappointed.

2+ / 10