08 / 04 / 2019

Garbage Fountain #2 is now SOLD OUT!

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Ordering & trades:

1. When ordering, always mention your address and preferred payment method in the first message.
2. When suggesting a trade, provide a link to samples if possible.
3. We are not responsible for items being lost or damaged by the postal services. If you have doubts, ask for registered shipping.

Available titles

Sairaus #6 (2e)

Finnish language 36-pages A5 printer-zine from 2018. Features interviews with Lähdön Aika, Suruni, Sermet, Kürøishi, Khanus and Kuilu, and a couple of articles.
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Unamed - Rittvungen (4e)

Unamed's second tape-EP takes the project's black metal-influenced industrial away from the woodlands and into the darkness of sin and religious delirium. Two songs in 20 minutes. Pro-tape.