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Serpentfyre: Of Darkness & True Light

Genre: Black Metal
Duration: circa 34 min.
Format: MC

2nd pressing of 66 pcs published on 08/12/14 SOLD OUT
1st pressing of 100 pcs published on 24/11/13 SOLD OUT

Side A & B (same tracks on both sides)
Ride the Dragon of Endless Void / A Step into the Unknown / True Death / Torch / Fenrir


You could guess “occultic influenced black metal” when looking at the cover picture or reading the lyrics of the songs from the first demo cassette, Of Darkness & True Light, by Serpentfyre. The bands style is pretty raw, but not in the totally brutal kind of way – and they have left some room for the melodies too, and fortunately the band does not speed up the whole time like banshees on ecstasy either.
    Cassette might not be the best medium for their musical expression, as it feels like that you could have grasped a bit more from their music if the soundscape would have been a bit more clearer, as it now feels like that the mixing on the tape just muddies up the sounds, making it very hard to separate them from each other at times. The guitar riffs are excellent at times and the shred appropriately, and these are usually on such moments when the band does not press on with full speed either. Because when they do that and start to mutilate with their music, it also means that the party tends to get a degree or more boring too.
    As it is with many demo releases, so it is with this too, that maybe it is just a little bit too long. So maybe a little shortening of the songs or cut a few of altogether would have been helpful. From time to time the songs have quite nice atmosphere and tasty, catchy moments, but still it feels like the songs are just bit too scattered by structure. But as a first release I think this is pretty decent demonstration.
    Grade: 6 / 10
Written by Aleksi Vaittinen for Miasma Magazine

It's possible that this might be an EP after all, but it's entitled as a demo in their bandcamp so that's how I'm going to count it for. Outstanding work by this Finnish act, puts them among their best acts for me already, even though that's their only release. Absolute darkness and excellence.
    Grade: -
Written by The Channeler for Arson Café Blog

Lähes erinomaisella nimellä paiskattu Serpentfyre edustaa kotimaamme mysteeristen black metal -bändien osastoa toimimalla täysin nimetönnä ja vailla tunnettua historiaa. Siirtäkäämme siis katseemme, tarkoitan kuulomme kohti varttitunnin [yli puoli tuntia -ed] kellottavan kasetin viiden biisin sisältöä.
    Melodista, paikoin keskitempoistakin black metalia suoltava Of Darkness & True Light edustaa ulosannillaan ehtaa demotasoa. Sadan kappaleen kasettipainokseen rajattu julkaisu on hieman Marduk-henkistä black metalia aina soundeja myöden. Biiseistä löytyy tyylittelyä niin nopeamman rähinän kuin myös hitaamman fiilistelyn puolella. Osa biiseistä nojaa melodiseen kuljetukseen, osa sahaavampaan turpasaunaan. Ihan kiva, mutta biisillisesti jälki on todella mielikuvituksetonta ja tavanomaista.
    Kun tähän kylkeen vielä lyödään kovin demomaiset, tässä yhteydessä siis suttuiset ja hieman myös munattomat soundit, ei kasetin annista riitä hirveästi kehuttavaa. Jotain hyvää Serpentfyren biiseissä kuitenkin on, sillä ajoittain yhtye muistaa kuulijaansa hyvällä riffillä. Valitettavasti nämä hyvät hetket ovat niin harvassa, ettei koko kasetille riitä tasapuolisia kehuja.
    Grade: 6½ / 10
Written by Serpent for Imperiumi Webzine