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Rodent Epoch - With the Army of Rats We Came (5e)

Cursed Tapes / 2016

Mayhemic black metal from Oulu, Finland. This tape compiles the band's EP from 2012 and demo from 2011. Pro-tape.

Unamed - Rittvungen (4e)

Cursed Tapes / 2016

Unamed's second tape-EP takes the project's black metal-influenced industrial away from the woodlands and into the darkness of sin and religious delirium. Two songs in 20 minutes. Pro-tape.


Inner War #1 (6e)


English language. Professionally printed 56-pages A4 magazine. Interviews with Blood Red Fog, Funerary Bell, Förgjord, Itsemurha, Mortuus, Mother of the Hydra, Ruho, Vonülfsreich, Vordr and Warloghe, along with an article on Serbian black metal and some reviews.

Sairaus #2 (2e)


Finnish language. 64-pages A5 printer-zine with articles about music and japanese horror movies, some art, music reviews, and manifests from these bands and labels: Nihilist Commando, Ruho, Anal Barbara, Unclean, Iapethos, Noituus, Emme Ya, Sick Seed & SSRI, Untergeschoss and Nekrokyrpä, and a brief interview with Bizarre Uproar.

Sairaus #3 (2e)


Finnish language. 64-pages A5 printer-zine with articles about movies, censorship and music, some art and collages, music reviews, a studio-report by Vonülfsrëich, a report from John 3:16's tour in Israel, manifests from AYM, Lörsson, Taatsi, TKNKNTJ, Tormented, Umpio and Vuohi, and interviews with Creamface, Nodian, Shia-Ixa and Zoomonk.

Sairaus #4 (2e)


Finnish language. 44-pages A5 printer-zine with writings on Japanese horror movies and North Karelian noise, some artwork, music reviews, and interviews with Kusipää, Xenophobic Ejaculation, Unpeace, Sick Seed, Koufar, Macabre Omen and Jukka Siikala.

Sairaus #5 (2e)


Finnish language. 56-pages A5 printer-zine with articles on trash- and exploitation movies, some collages and art, reviews, and interviews with the following bands and artists: Flooded Church Of Asmodeus, Reima Lihavainen, Läjä Äijälä, The Physicists, Concrete Mascara, Cicutoxin, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, Grateful Däd, Aarni and Axeslaughter.