What is "Temple of the Maggot"? How would you label your band and style, if you had to? What is the meaning of your band title?
 B > Temple of the Maggot is a two-headed sick hydra which feeds and feasts on rotten corpses. We donít categorize our music, thatís up to journalists. We make music based on the pure hatred and nausea that we feel towards the human scum.

Your band is a quite new unit in the black metal scene. How did you find each other and came up with the idea to form a band? Do you even live in the same country? Are you a part of any scenes in some way? Do you have an opinion about nowdays' black metal scene, or music scene in general?
 B > Weíre sons of immigrants. Our parents travelled to Mongolia during the fifties. Gol and I have known each other since childhood, we share a lot of memories: we have hunted together in the plains of Mongolia, we saw a guy beaten up to death on the streets of Ulaan Bataar, our parents were friends, we have also shared some whores... starting a band was a natural step since we play different instruments and share the same interests in fucking life. Right now we donít live in the same country but he came to visit me very recently. Heís already recorded the tracks for the songs that are going to complete the album. I still have some business in Mongolia.

You welcome some people in your cult/sect. What is this sect?
 B > Satan and pure evil belong to the higher classes, to the elite. Thatís all I can say. Any other form of evil is basic or primitive, but by all means necessary.

Your band has just two members. How do you distribute making lyrics, composing, taking care of promotion etc among each other?
 B > I am the songwriter in the band. I compose and produce all the music and words in Temple of the Maggot. About promotion: we only have this internet page going on, but itís doing reasonably well. For us itís enough.

I suppose both of you have a somewhat similar view of the world. What is the message of your band, if any?
 B > The message is very simple: the world is full of enemies. Filthy human scum is everywhere. Copulation and mirrors are abominable because they multiply the number of human scum.

Is there something you are trying to achieve through your music?
 B > We want to have an army of whores ready to serve ourselves anytime, anywhere.

How big role do lyrics play in your music?
 B > They play an apocalyptic big role.

You say you support "total extreme misantrophy", am I correct? What are you trying to say by this?
 B > Weíre not against violence. Sometimes it is necessary. The supposedly called "progress" has created a mass population of weak, pathetic sleepers, humans who are sucking life and resources from the naturally strong ones like bloodsuckers. The selfish gene has to be awaken again.

What is your view on this day's society? If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?
 B > Everyday when I walk the streets I find new reasons to hate humans. To change one thing in the world? Overpopulation.

It's not easy not to think about society without being reminded of all the mental problems everyone seems to be fighting these days. What's your view on such things?
 B > Blame the society, a full time factory creating mentally sick weak people, non stop. Most of them are lazy, disgusting cunts who only want someone to work for them.

How do you think the world will be in, for example 20 years?
 B > Itíll be a disgusting place to be... for the beasts. Thatís for sure.

What are you reminded of when you hear the word "god"?
 B > An overwhelming devastating force.

Have you planned to make any gigs in the future, with session musicians or by "completing" the lineup? Or are you maybe more of a studio band?
 B > We donít see ourselves playing in a Festival or something like that. We donít fit in that scenario. Besides, our show would be too unpredictable and violent.

Do you have any other band projects, currently or as future plans?
 B > I'm recording some songs for a parallel project based on sexual depravations. Musically it'll be harsh, raw black metal. We expect to release the album during 2010.

What do you think about music piracy? The Pirate Bay just recently got heavily punished for it.
 B > I donít know what to think about that but I donít want anyone using my songs without my permission.

You are currently making your debut album. First off, congratulations on the record deal! Are you happy with the deal you got, or would you change something in it?
 B > Itís ok. We started the page eight months ago and since the beginning we found people interested in releasing our album. We only wanted the album to be released as a professional cd, and that anyone interested in the album wouldnít find any problem in purchasing it.

How did you find your current label? Have you distributed any promos, demos or such releases?
 B > No, no promos, just the internet page. Some professional Labels contacted us a few months ago, almost at the same time. Initially we planned to self-release the album. In the end, we went for Satans Millenium Produtions since their philosophy fits so well together with ours, and they have a lot of contacts and can distribute our album to other Labels in other continents apart from America and Europe. They also offered us to release the album as a professional cd. And thatís what we wanted.

How is the album coming along, and is there an approximate release date set yet?
 B > We have a deadline: August of 2009.

Your album is coming out as a CD. What do you think about MC & LP -formats, is TotM planning to put out releases in either format one day?
 B > That depends on the Labels. Iíd love some copies of our album to be released in LP format, Iíd buy one, but as I said, that doesnít depend on us.

If one asked you what your music sounds like, what would you say?
 B > I have no idea.

Are there any bands you could compare your music to in some way?
 B > Iím sorry Iím not so much into bands. You tell me...

Where do you get the inspiration to make this kind of music?
 B > From the total nausea I feel towards mankind.

Are there any influential bands?
 B > No, there arenít.

Do you see that your living environment(s) affects your music?
 B > A lot!

What kind of music do you usually listen to?
 B > Mostly black and death metal.

Do you have any plans for TotM after the full-lenght?
 B > Sure, weíll study some offers for a split release. And of course weíll be working on the next album.

Anything else you'd care to share?
 B > Thanks for the interview and good luck with your musical project. Youíre allied to the band.