How would you describe Wracked to someone who hasn't heard the band's music? What does the band title refer to?
 D > I would describe it as attempting to carry on the raw but harsh sounding grind of the mid to late 80's but with a drum machine as the drummer it will always fall short. As the sound of the band progresses, the territories explored will remain in the vein of grind but at a different level.
  The band's title refers not so much the actual sound but instead to the way things are, the way things man has made them, which are ruined. The state of things as we experience them today are wracked. With the greed of man at it's most ruthless there is little alternative to turn to in our lives that can fully escape the fallen 'civilization' we all like to think has any relevancy anymore. However, how one deals with these terrible realities is what can potentially undo the terribleness we have laid out for ourselves as a people.

Where do you get the inspiration to make this kind of music? Can you think of any band you could compare your music to in some way? Do you have any "idol bands"?
 D > The inspiration comes from life but to be more specific I would say it comes from people, many aspects of people and the evil that they do. This has provided much inspiration or rather it has provided much subject material for many bands and acts and with good reason. The human condition, the destructive drunken dyonesian aspect, filled with greed that tramples their fellow man in the process forgetting that we are all one and all are interconnected. The frustration of people not being able to realize this fact and the aforementioned traits that make up our unsavory species are just some of the things that inspire Wracked.
  So in essence the inspiration is certainly derived from themes of social and political awareness.
  I couldn't say which bands to compare Wracked to as I believe it is still in it's developing stages and to make comparisons would only mislead others but I can say that it is grind and it's heavily influenced by grind bands such as Nasum, Napalm Death, Graf Orlock, Pig Destroyer, Assuck, Siege, Discordance Axis and so on.
  As far as 'Idol Bands', Wracked idolizes no one. I do not believe in the idolization of any particular person or band. The inspiration by people including, writers, musicians, artists, film makers etc. are many and plenty of inspiration is drawn from them but in the sense of something being idolized there is nothing.

What led to the creation of Wracked, had the idea been bubbling in your mind for long? Also, could you tell me something about the ideology behind the band? Why was this style of music chosen, why these lyrical themes etc? Do you see the lyrics as an important part of your band?
 D > Wracked was created in 2006 after it was decided that a very direct and serious approach was to be taken as far as content matter and theme. I had already released a joke grind album which was recorded to see if I could indeed make a record with the bear essentials of being a one man act. After that failed and miserably put together nonsense was finished I decided it was time to really try my hand at making a grind project that I could some day be proud of. I am proud of the first release because it is a learning experience of how to make a better album the next time around.
  The ideology as I began to explain a little bit before is basically that of the constant disgust one feels by the way people act, on a political and social level. The song content found on the first release ranges from political distrust to how people act unprofessionally in a work environment to the soiling of the earth by way of constant upheaval of land for the supposed betterment of suburban dwelling and themes around the deterioration of integrity through compromise.
  This style of music was chosen for a few reasons. One being that I believe Grind is the best form of heavy music due to the fact that it is at times, for those who explore it's multi-faceted dynamics, a great and complete amalgamation of the many different types of heavy music. In grind you can hear elements of punk, hardcore, death metal, thrash, noisecore depending on the band, and straight up heavy metal. Grind allows one to explore these avenues all in the span of one song or an entire album.
  The lyrics are extremely important and fulfill the themes of the project. I try not to get stuck on one subject as far as lyrics are concerned and I attempt to make sure the albums are filled with songs that basically get everything I wish to scream my head off about onto paper. If I have to make another song in order to fulfill the range of topics I wish to speak about then I make another song to service that need.

Is Wracked a solo-project, or žs there something else that originally made Wracked a studio-only band? Have you ever considered making live performances?
 D > Wracked was always a solo project which really was put together after the idea to start one came about. In my 'city' there is little to no demand for grind, and for any of those of you out there who are stuck in an area that constantly books the same garbage, I understand. I am in a full band but they are not willing to be strictly a grind band and that's when I had to make Wracked my own and the rest is currently writing itself.
  Live shows will not be considered unless I can make a full band out of this but you never know...

Wracked released its debut, titled "Prepare Your Flag for the Red Scourge", not long ago. Can you tell me something about this release and the recording process? Are you still happy with the results, or would you change something? The release included no lyrics. Could you shortly describe the story/message of each song? How has the feedback been this far?
 D > The recording process was very simple. I had to separate the drum tracks i.e. snare tracks had to be separate files along with any other drum parts included for better results for the mixing which were difficult given the program I was currently using.
  The guitars were all recorded on the spot, improved and played at the time of recording, then cut, deleted, replayed, deleted again until the results were satisfactory or as satisfactory as they could have been in retrospect.
  I am not disappointed by the results but I am certainly not happy with them either. As I said earlier this was a learning experience and so different approaches will be taken, better ones, pre-cognitive ones that will help develop the sound and result in a better release.
  I believe the ability to create something is an expression that should not be done in vain for the sake of doing so. The idea is to further oneself with each and every creation, to better oneself and to further progress. Some bands we all love begin to progress in their careers and provide better material each time they release another creation, others, regress and decline, this regression can be attributed at times to compromise.

How did you come up with the quite surprising and original idea to send your debut for completely free in it's physical form to anyone who would ask for it? Could you tell me an approximate amount of sent copies?
 D > Well, I have always been fascinated by the days of tape trading. Reading books and articles in music periodicals about bands trading tapes with one another, locally and across countries. I would have loved to have been involved in tape trading in the 80's when thrash, hardcore, death metal and grind were still very obscure and every band was trying to poke their head up for some breathing room in the massive sea that was all these bands vying for notoriety.
  Their free promotion is what independent music has always carried itself on. The ability to provide a stranger or new friend with new music he or she has never heard of is a great thing. It continues to be the very thing that brought people together, their love for music.
  At the time of me typing this, 270 copies have been sent out for free upon request in a 3 month period. Granted, more would have gone out but it does cost money to do this, and the most expensive part is the actual shipping costs, not so much the overall putting together of each individual album. At first I was burying myself with requests which was starting to take it's toll financially and then I began spacing it out and took the a better rhythm of making the discs and then mailing them within a three day period every two weeks.
  It's fun, and when people request a copy I feel happy that they have taken the time out to just ask and get a free disc. I would do it in a second if someone waved free music at me. It could very well end up in between someone's back seat in their car or on the floor in their garage and they could very well dislike the album when it shows up but it took them no effort to get it and in the end if they did like it then awesome! Free album!

I've understood that you're currently working on your next release. How will it differ from your debut? Will it be released in the same way and format as the debut?
 D > It will be different in that it will be a better album, production-wise and song-wise. The song lengths are already coming out to be longer than those of the debut, ranging from a minute and a half to two (standard grind length haha) and they will feel much more complete. The drum programming will be more demanding but far more developed. I can honestly say and simply say that everything will be better. I acquired new equipment and so did my producer so we are excited to begin in the late summer of this year.
  The follow up album will be mastered and pressed to CD format and to vinyl format, I'm eyeing a 10" pressing on vinyl which will be very limited. But be assured that neither format, when made available, will be costly at all to the buyer. I personally do not believe a CD should cost more than $10 and I don't plan on having any prices above that, no matter what format I press it on.

Are there any other future plans for Wracked? Where you think Wracked will be in, for example five years?
 D > The future plans for Wracked are easy ones, keep making albums and keep getting better at making them. The next five years will probably yield 4-5 more Wracked albums as the goal is 1 a year.

What is your take on music piracy?
 D > Music piracy is a fun topic and one that I can get carried away with so I'll say this. As a music lover, and as you are and many of your readers, it is far better to own the art that is created. I download albums because I just can't wait sometimes for one of my favorite bands album to come out, but when that album hits I'll be throwing the money down to buy it.
  When and if you do buy that album from your bands, buy it directly from them or their label, try to grab it from them if you can.
  Like everything, there are pros and cons. I do believe if anyone is truly a lover of music and truly passionate about that love that there is no reason they can't buy an album once in awhile, as I said to own the artwork is far better than to stare at a file on the screen. I download and I buy. Downloading is a great way to discover new acts that can lead to a purchasing of the material that is direct support of the acts he or she enjoys.
  What's hilarious about piracy is how big labels bitch and complain. For years now the music industry is on the decline and they wonder why, I'll tell you if they had been fair about prices earlier then only a fraction of it would be attributed to downloading. But here they are losing money and in the meantime they continue to raise prices of releases! Amazing!

How do you think the world will be in 20 years or so? If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?
 D > That's a hard one and being that I am not an oracle I would have to say it will be whatever we as people choose to make it. I wouldn't change anything about the world if I could as the world needs to learn how to change on it's own and no outside help can ever interfere with the free choice we have as human beings. Changing anything about the world if one were to do so would be to take that choice, that we all have, away.

And, of course, what would you like to see wracked?
 D > Good question, but I think everything is already wracked.

Anything else you'd care to share?
 D > No change can come if we do not make the change inside first, until then, all the evil will live on and we will continue to be held down by it.

Thanks for your time. May your future efforts go smoothly.
 D > You're welcome! Take care of yourself and good luck with everything!