When someone asks you what kind of music you play, what is your answer?
 P > Mongo grind.

Are there maybe some bands GAF could be compared with?
 P > Some would say maybe Regurgitate, Carcass and Terrorizer but we don't really think of those bands when we do music.

Does GAF have any (maybe even obviously) influential bands?
 P > Tons of of course! too many to list obviously. everyone of us has their own influences really.

You say you play mongogrind. What is mongo, and does it mean to be mongofied?
 P > Mongo is just short for mongoloid haha. It comes from the idea we see our music like: it's retarded in a good way. We do whatever feels right. If we feel like having a stupid-groovy blues riff, we'll do it. To be mongofied means(by a dictionary!) to be stoned.

Where does the name GAF come from?
 P > Basically nowhere. It's short for Gay anal fuck, Gore and feast and whatever you like to call us :)

How did you come up with the idea to form a goregrind-based band? How did the group take it's current form?
 P > Boredom? I(Panu) left two bands in 2007 and felt that I want to do some more grind. So I started playing guitar hehe. Current form was taken only a few months ago. Just people we know, we ask.

Some goregrind-bands are obviously joke bands, and/or seemingly based on making the most unoriginal and boring goregrind possible. You, on the other hand, seem to have a more serious approach to your music.
 P > Well I don't know serious hahaha. We do have a song called Rectal Eruption for example. The lyrics are joke-ish but the music is "serious" in a way that it's not serious. Hope someone knows what I mean haha

How do you come up with new songs? Do you usually perfect your songs for a long time, or do you keep them in their first form to retain some primitiveness?
 P > Mainly me and Janne N. write songs and show them to the guys at the rehearsal space. We mold the composition in the way that we like to play the song. Usually just some details change from the original composition.

Do you have a main lyricist or a main songwriter, or do you compose as a group?
 P > Janne N. and me make most of the music. Janne still makes a lot more than I do but I try to keep my share of the songs on the albums still hehe.

Where from do you get the inspiration to make goregrind? When you look out of your window, do you see a world that just screams gore?
 P > I actually write better music when I'm happy (wtf?). Lyrics are better when I'm pissed off. Janne propably just goes in to his own "world" hahaha with all sorts of crazy shit. He's crazy.

You released your debut album "Mongofied" last year through Scrotum Jus Records from Singapore. How did you find them, or did they find you?
 P > They found us through myspace.

How was the recording session?
 P > Fun, fast, spontanius and semi-drunk.

How has the feedback been this far? And are you, yourself still satisfied with the album?
 P > The album is still good in our opinion. It's a bit different than the new material we've done so far. The feedback has been pretty good from pretty much every place!

Everything can be heard, there's heaviness and filth, and the music is not too clean. How did you create such a fitting mix for the debut?
 P > Thanks! We just played a lot of guitars(four rhytm tracks) and we're tuned in Drop A. Boss HM-2 dist box is nice too hehe.

Tell me a bit about your lyrics, please.
 P > Better if I don't :). They're just really retarded.

The album's cover art is quite stylish and artistic compared to the usual goresplatter-cover arts. How did you come up with this kind of solution?
 P > The cover art is all made by Szymon Siech except the logo is made by Irwan from ironworx gravefix.

Songs on the debut are quite riff-driven in comparison to your basic sludgymush-goregrind-act.
 P > We like good riffs! Just listen to carcass for example.

The debut sounds heavy,a bit rocking, gory, and the songs are really catchy even though the song lenghts are between less than a minute and two minutes. Do you see yourself as a goregrind-act, or as something else?
 P > MONGO! :)

Why were the gurgling vocals chosen for the main vocals?
 P > I couldn't really do any other vocals I felt that the fit the music. We're not excluding 'em totally neither. They are 90% gone on the new album :)

I believe that delivering the message of the songs wasn't the point, or if it was, you have failed.
 P > Yeah we don't really have any important message to deliver people.

While on the subject: Does GAF have a message or an ideology?
 P > Stay mongo!

I've understood that you're currently making your second full-lenght. How will it differ from your debut, are there maybe some radical changes?
 P > It'll be a lot tighter, groovier and heavy. It's got some nice riffs to bang your head to. Some really entombed/carcass influenced stuff also.

And could you please include lyrics in your next release?
 P > We'll try to!

Where will GAF be in, for example five years?
 P > Somewhere drinking beer and smoking a joint before a show?

How would you describe a regular GAF-gig?
 P > We drink beer and smoke before the show and give our 110%. Afterwards we get hammered usually hehe.

A magical fairy appears and tells you that you can change one thing in the world. What would this thing be?
 P > Legalize it.

What do you think about music piracy?
 P > It's inevitable. The music business and the average joe has to find a middle ground between paying 20e per CD and downloading for free.

What kind of a place Mongo's Paradise is?
 P > it's in the caribbean, lot's of weird things and all kinds of mongo's having a feast. I dunno for real, use your imagination hehe

Anything else you'd care to share?
 P > If you see our show and liked it, come parteeeeeh with us!

Thanks for your time, and stay mongo!
 P > No probs!