How would you describe Cavus to someone not familiar with the band? Are there bands that Cavus could be compared with in some way? What does your band title mean or represent?
 W > Cavus is a Finnish 4-piece entity that performes heavy and grimy Black Metal. We are maybe closest related to bands like Carpathian Forest but have a wider scale in our musical output.
  The name Cavus is a form of latin and means a hole or a pit. The word "cave" in english originates from it. It represents the feel and sound of our band, it comes from below.

What led to the creation of Cavus? How did your group come to take it's current form and style? What purpose does Cavus serve? Does the band have a message or an ideology to promote, or any kind of aim it's trying to achieve?
 W > Our guitarist J.K and drummer T.T.T started this a year or two ago. W joined after hearing some rehersaltapes that they've made and soon after that recruited A.R.G for bass-duties. We perform the Devil's deeds, it's a blend of posession and working as a tool for Him that whispers in our ears. We represent the decadent, sinful way of life, rising above morals and diving deep under the skin of false idols.

Do the members have similar music tastes? Are there bands with a high influence on Cavus? Where do you get the inspiration to make this kind of music, does it come more from other bands or from people and the world?
 W > As individuals we have very broad tastes in music. They vary from industrial, ambient and drone to jazz, Black/Death Metal, classic and everything in between. Cavus is about the filth and the grime, so naturally we drive most of our inspiration to it from similar things, be it musical or something else. We try to avoid clear influences in our music, but of course every individuals performance reflects some of that persons own personal interests.

Is Cavus a "project band"? Do the members have other musical projects going on, or have they had any in the past? Especially the vocalist sounds like this isn't his first time around, he really has his own style and a lot of power in his voice. What is the reason for using such bare artist names like T.T.T and W? Have you done any gigs, and are you going to do any in the future?
 W > Cavus is not a project band but our members do have other things going on aswell. J.K for instance plays bass in a Blackened Death Metal band called Coprolith and A.R.G bass in a more mainstream metal band, albeit he is one of the best Death Metal vocalists out there. W plays drums in Catenatam Lucem and guitar in Khiros for instance, but the Cavus EP is actually the first release with him on vocals. All and all, we've been around this genre for a decade or so.
  The use of aliases comes natural when dealing with flammable material like Black Metal. We are not trying to hide anything, but there is also no need to flaunt it. A page long artist name taken from Lord of the Rings is not our style either. We want to redirect the attention to the reality of our work.
  Since the EP is still so fresh, we have not had the time to perform live yet. We do have a full set ready and are performing live as soon as possible, but it always takes time to organize these things. We are even planning on a small tour later on this year.

You published your first EP quite recently. How has the EP been received by the public? Have you noticed anything in it that you'd like to change, or things that you would have done differently if you could have? Could you tell us something about the composing and recording process? Was/is there a main composer and a main lyricist behind the songs? What are the EP's lyrics about? Do you see lyrics as an important thing in your music?
 W > The EP has been received really good, even if we still don't have any official distribution for it this moment. There are always things that one could do different, but in overall, we're very happy with the result. J.K and T.T.T are the main composers on it and W wrote all the lyrics and did the vocal arrangements.
  The main parts of the EP was recorded at our rehersalplace with portable equipment and later mixed by W, giving the record it's earth trembling characteristics. We also used old Russian tube-amplifiers, a Sovtek and a Spetel, to give the sound a special feel to it.
  Lyrics on the EP are loosely theme-based. Like the cover of the EP, they are about Death in the differents forms it takes. The lyrics were written in a kind of free writing (stream-of-consciousness writing) method. They take place in plague-ravashed lands haunted by a constant fear of Evil, Death and God. Evil inside man, evil of the unknown. God in the heavens and GOD inside man. Lyrics are very important since they give the soul and the meaning to a song. They can be used in so many ways.

What are your plans for Cavus after you've had the EP officially released? Have you got any more songs ready?
 W > We have quite many new songs and are slowly working on a full length album, due somewhere around next winter. In the meantime, we're also planning on releasing a split 7" with another Finnish group and some other stuff aswell.

What do you think about music piracy? What would you think if you found out your releases are being available as free downloads? What do you think about the nowdays' music scene? It seems that music has lost a part of it's essence with the moneymaker-labels trying to dominate how everything should sound... or is it so? Are there any bands you think should gain more attention from people, as in some undiscovered jewels in the huge pile of shitty music?
 W > Music piracy is something that has come to stay and we just have to live with it. Sure, it makes it more difficult to sell albums but it also makes it alot easyer to spread your music. Many still like the feel of a real release in their hands, something they can touch and look at, so if they like what they've downloaded they can then buy the album and come to the shows and all that.
  When it comes to Cavus, we are do-it-yourselves-people. We do not compromise, we do not let anyone tell us what to do. Selling out is not to sign with a big label or getting famous, selling out is changing your values or bowing infront of other people to gain bigger sales or whatever. People should learn to keep their cards in their own hands, own yourself and most important, think and stay true to yourselves!
  When it comes to undiscovered jewels I (-W-) can only answer for myself. I like many "less famous" bands like Koldbrann or Spektr, but you can hardly say that they would be undiscovered. I run into good bands every once and a while, but rarely come across something totally new or unheard of.

How do you think the world will be in 20 years? Have people learned anything, or do you even care about such things? If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be? You can name a couple of things if one isn't enough.
 W > In 20 years the world can be destroyed or there could be world peace. Everything else seemes to progress so fast nowdays, technology, science, wars, but humans are still only humans and will be human after 20 years too. Animals on 2 feet with primal needs. Menschliches, Allzumenschliches. The world is as open for possibilities as one wants it to be, we would not make any collective changes to the blueprint.

And of course: Why should a person listen to Cavus?
 W > Cavus is a strongpoint in a sea of serial produced, buzzsaw Black Metal with shitty melodies. This is ugly Black Metal that punches the air out from your lungs, not something that stands in a corner and cryes.

Anything else you'd care to share with our readers?