How would you describe your band and sound to someone not familiar with your work? Are there any bands that TDM could be compared with?
 K > "Gut-twisting goregrind with attitude" -is usually how we like to describe our music. Our music has also alot of punk/hc influences which you can recognize from our riffs. Our huge influence has been a swedish goregrind band called Regurgitate and I guess they are the only band who we could be compared the best, since we have taken alot of ideas from their stuff (thanks to them). But they are of course alot better than us... So not in this world you could really compare us to them. Also Napalm Death has been a great influence to us, even though you can't hear them straight from our stuff. But Napalm Death basically started the whole grindcore thing, so every grind band today definilately has something from them in their music.

How on earth did you come up with your band title? Does it represent something?
 K > Hahahahah well actually it's stolen from a Regurgitate song called "Parade of the Decapitated Midgets" so we took it there. It sounded so hilarious so we wanted to use it as our band name. It doesn't have any deeper meaning (except to make people feel sick hahah).

You are a duo. Have you got any intentions to get a full line-up?
 K > Well we actually have tried out a live line-up too, but it didn't work out so well. So we decided to continue as a duo in the future. Also as duo it's easier to make records. But it would be awesome to play a gig or too some day. We'll see what happens in the future but the core-two will be us.

How did you two find each other, and how did you end up playing goregrind? Where do you get the inspiration to make your music?
 K > Me (Konsta) and Juho knew each other very well through our other projects before forming The Decapitated Midgets. Actually we ended up making goregrind when I was recording Juho's band's new EP in autumn 2008 and we had finished the recordings a bit earlier than we planned. So we decided to record a goregrind EP, which then became our first release called "Malignant Manifeasto EP". Everything (except two songs) were "written" and then recorded in about 6 hours, and that's basically how TDM was born, Decapitated of course haha.
  It's hard to say where we get the inspiration to our music. Usually after listening some kickass goregrind/grindcore bands I get a feeling "now I'm gonna make some new tracks". Then I grab my guitar and make something and then write it to Guitar Pro and send it to Juho.

Is TDM a project band? How seriously you take your music?
 K > Partially it is a project band but it's really close project to us. I don't count it as a real band because we don't rehearse at all. We do our music seriously but of course with humour ;) And we should not be taken TOO seriously...

Is this currently your only band?
 K > No. We both have three "real" bands and several smaller projects.

You released your debut album as a self-released cassette quite recently, after just one internet-demo-release. Did you search for a label at all, or was releasing the album yourself the original plan?
 K > Yes it was our original plan to self-release the cassette. We knew we won't get label to publish it so we didn't bother ourselves trying to find one haha.

The album covers are, in my opinion, designed in a very late 80's - early 90's UG-way. Is this meant as a tribute to those times? The cover songs could also be seen as a tribute to those times, too.
 K > Yes partially it is. The idea was taken from Carcass's old demo tape which is from the late 80's. It looked so cool so I thought maybe we should have similar style in our artwork. And we wanted it to look as UG as possible We also wanted it to be handwritten so it doesn't look too modern. Then I just called my friend to draw the cover and he did. And it looks fantastic, and UG.

What is the cover art about?
 K > It doesn't have any bigger story behind it. Some of the stuff in the cover are taken from our songtitles for example the french guy with the plate is from "Sliced guts served on a plate in a fancy restaurant" and there's brains boiling in the kettle. Maybe our cover artist knows better.

You recorded the album in two days flat. Could you tell us something about the recording process? Were all the songs complete when you started to record them, or was there some improvisation involved?
 K > The recording sessions were awesome but also very tiring. For example I was totally dead after first playing the drums for like 3 hours and straight after that 4 hours of guitar playing. But it was all worth of it. We recorded about 10 hours per day. The recordings were held at Juho's home. There's a small home studio called Paskaperä Studios and the mixing was done by me at our little home studio. All tracks were written before the sessions so there was not much improvisation involved.

Have you noticed anything you would change in the album now?
 K > Propably only the production, even though I like it like it is now. And maybe we could have spent a day or two more for the recording... haha

How has the feedback been this far?
 K > Surprisingly good actually. The feedback has surprised us both. We weren't sure if people would like it and to be honest, we didn't really care (and we don't care now either). The main thing is that we like it.

You've sold out almost all copies of the album, is there going to be more copies made?
 K > We'll see. Maybe, maybe not.

Your songs are approximately less than a minute long. Is there a certain reason to composing songs of such short lenght?
 K > Grindcore is about short songs and I think no one would like to listen 5 minutes of blastbeat and gurgling. Our next album will have a bit longer songs (mostly over 1 minute).

How do you usually come up with new songs?
 K > Usually we do a bunch of tracks with Guitar Pro and then we head to "studio" to record the material. We both do songs and then send the tabs to each other for practising.

What is the meaning of lyrics in your music?
 K > Hahahaha well this is the right time to ask one question by ourselves... Do we have any lyrics?

Do you have some kind of an (well hidden) idea or a message behind your music? Is there something you're trying to achieve with/through your music?
 K > Haha well, no. We do it for fun and if people like it, then that's cool.

What are your future plans for TDM? Do you have any material ready? What kind of changes will your next record bring to your sound?
 K > At summer (if we have the material ready) we'll head back to studio to record a brand new album. It's going to have about 30 tracks this time and the album's working title (and propably the final title) is 30 Ways To Die, so kind of concept album is coming up... We have about 10 tracks ready now and what I can say about them is that it's going to be rougher, with lots of mid-tempo tracks and alot more groove. But nothing dramatically different compared to Gurgling Olympics. We have planned to do it with a bit better production and now spend more time recording it. It's going to be out as CD this time. Also we would like to do a split CD with somebody but we'll see if anyone likes to do one with us.

Where do you think TDM will be in five years or so?
 K > Recording our tenth record perhaps...? Grinding even faster.

And then we get to the questions I've asked from everyone I've interviewed. What is your view on music piracy?
 K > In my opinion music piracy cannot be stopped anymore, so there's no reason to fight it back. Artist should take it an advantage to spread their music. For example american industrial rock artist Trent Reznor a.k.a. Nine Inch Nails has realized this and he has started to release his albums free in internet, getting then alot more listeners. That's why we also release our albums as free download too but also as physical edition. Also in my opinion music is not all about making money.

How do you think the world will be in 20 years? If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?
 K > Technology is even greater than today and in a bigger role, human lives 10 years longer, TDM dominates the world.... I would propably erase all the idiotism in the world.

What are you reminded of when you hear these two words: human and god.
 K > Two totally different things.

Tell us shortly why one should listen to The Decapitated Midgets.
 K > Like Juho has said: "Sulla ja sun äitilläs tulee paskat housut kun tää on nii brutaalia!" so that's the reason you should listen to us.

Do you have something else you'd like to say? You can advertise your guts out, for instance.
 K > Go and buy the tape (it's cheap as fuck, 3 euros=30 tracks), or if you are moneyless bum, then download 24 tracks from it from our website