Explain the nature and sound of Necrosadik to our readers, please. Are there maybe some bands that your music could be compared with?
 N > Well the nature and origin of Necrosadik emerged from the pain and hatred that I feel toward all the humanity and toward me. So the nature depends of my mind and thoughts.
  Well I don’t think that there are other bands that could be compared with Necrosadik, because Necrosadik is unique, just the result of my ideas and feelings combined with the misery that the life brings to me.

What does the name "Necrosadik" stand for, or how was it chosen to represent your band?
 N > Well “Necrosadik” is a combined word that stands for the concrete and direct idea of what is life into my point of view; for me life has been cruel and sadistic, and death has been the unique goal to achieve, so “Necrosadik” stands for the pure and sincere war against all stand for life.

You usually use just one instrument in each of the songs to provide the music, along with vocals of course. Why did you decide to go on with such a simple and bare soundscape, and why don't you use drums at all?
 N > Well I don’t use drums because I think that all the music of Necrosadik and all that stands for, no because I don’t like the idea of include drums, just because I think it’s something pure and personal, and with the organ and guitars I found the perfect atmosphere to express every cut inside of me in that time. So as you can figure out, all the tracks of Necrosadik born from a same idea but grow with a sick deformation, so when I imagine the music inside my mind it emerged as a unique piece. No I have a session drummer that will play with Necrosadik in all the releases of the future, his name: Andrea Bianchi, drummer of the Italian band HANDFUL OF HATE.

Where do you get the inspiration to make this kind of music? Could you maybe mention some inspirational bands?
 N > Well all the inspiration comes from my personal problems, ideas, experiences and visions. Some bands that contribute with musical structure of Necrosadik are just two: ABRUPTUM (SWE), NATTEFROST (NOR) as bands, and as person Per Yngve Ohlin (aka DEAD).

Is Necrosadik your only musical project?
 N > I have 2 projects besides Necrosadik, but just in the abstract sense, one is “Suicide Convention” a project with one friend of Canada and “Abstract Infinity” a project with a friend of Mexico.

Why did you originally choose Black Metal to channel your feelings? Do you have any different channels for your emotions besides this band?
 N > Well I have listened all the sub genres of Metal Music through this 15 years, and when I met the Black Metal genre I understood that I found the perfect mix between strength and introspection, so after some years I decided to spawned Necrosadik; besides Necrosadik I express all I feel with drawings, paintings and photos.

Are you a satanist, and does Necrosadik have anything to do with such topics?
 N > Satanist, not in the common fact, I believe in me as the only and greatest Deity here and everywhere, the joining forces of supremacy, self-hatred (you can achieve to be perfect but you can also hate your own perfection), egocentrism and minimalism.
  In my first album “Destroying Your Life!!!” (August 2008), I composed one track about SATAN and one cover related to SATAN, but it is quite different, for me the Christian figure of SATAN is the perfect example of the searching path of perfection. So in that case, SATAN is a nice example into the search of perfection.

Would you tell us something about your releases' lyrical content? Does Necrosadik have a message to it's listeners?
 N > The lyrical content is totally personal, it reflects all my emotions and inner struggles, and well the pure and unique message to the listeners is: KILL YOURSELF!

More about the lyrics: is it difficult for you to speak aloud about your inner struggles in your music? Have you received any negative or criticising feedback about your lyrics?
 N > It’s hard to speak about the inner struggles in general, but when I write for Necrosadik, the inspiration appears naturally, so I finish one song in 5 minutes or less, it is a nice way to control my suicidal ideas.
  Yes I have received negative feedbacks of Necrosadik, some people can’t understand that Necrosadik is the pure and personal expression of me, so I don’t pretend to be the most love person in the world; I simply compose, write and record for me, if somebody like it, perfect! If not I don’t care, in both ways I just want the death of everyone.

Your music is not of the most appealing kind. What kind of a reception have your releases met this far?
 N > In general fact, Necrosadik and all the releases have been received perfectly, everyone understand the main idea, that it is a personal project, that it is chaotic, oppressive and narrow-minded, so the releases are into many places around the world, just to spread my deathwish to all the fucking human scum!

What kind of an impact do you want to make through your music, and what aims or goals do you have with your band?
 N > I don’t search any particular impact, the only thing I search is to make suffer all the humanity and my goal is your death.

Although Necrosadik is a solo-project aith a very personal nature, there were some sessions musicians on your latest album. Why did you decide to use session musicians on the album, and how did you find these people? Was it difficult for you to let other people channel your feelings, or was it maybe even difficult for them?
 N > I decided to use session musicians just to experiment if all I wrote and composed can be understand in the mind of someone else, I found these people in front of me; BAAL, DARK FLAMES & GUSTAV are close friends of mine, so it was really easy find them.
  Yes I think it was difficult for both parts (me and the session musicians), because I am very demanding, irritable, perfectionist and exasperated person, so I explain to them what I want and how I want, but just the main idea, because at the end they played the way they feel, but guided by my will.

How have you found the many labels that have released your music? Have there been any negative experiences in this field?
 N > In general the European labels are totally professional, with them I worked perfect, the compromised, support and loyalty are perfect.
  The first label that supported Necrosadik was TAPES FROM THE WOODS (Italy) with Polus, then ZIEKTE-NL (Netherlands) with Dennis, UGLY CUNT RECORDS (Poland) with Maciej and DEPRESSIVE ILLUSIONS RECORDS (Ukraine) with Sergiy, that four guys are close friends of mine, and they always supported Necrosadik and my self-destruction.
  THIS WINTER WILL LAST FOREVER (Italy), THE BLACK 666 PRODUCTIONS (Republic of Korea), SERPENT GOD RECORDS (Costa Rica) & EVIL TAPES (Malaysia) are so professional with all their work, my respect to them.
  But as normal, I have suffered some disappointments with some labels as: NO CHRIST (Mexico) that was a totally rip off as the same DEBELLATRIX PRAELLIUM RECORDS (Brazil), the third label NAX RECORDS (Mexico) simply broke his word.

About your releases: you've made a lot of them in a short time. How do you create the variation between these releases? How do they differ musically, do they have different lyrical topics and themes, and so forth.
 N > Well the inspiration has been always by my side, so the composition has been easy, the first album (DESTROYING YOUR LIFE!!) was recorded in just one night, in this album the sound is more experimental, raw and confusing; then the second album came (THE PORTRAIT OF MY SORROW) just one month after the first one, it was recorded in one week, for me this album is the most personal, melancholic and depressive album; the third one came (THE PAIN BETWEEN BIRTH & DEATH) it was recorded in one month, with 3 session musicians, that gave to the album a most violent and furious sound, but keeping alive the depressive spirit.
  So every release of Necrosadik is different, it depends of my mental state and how I see the world those days, the lyrical content is quite different, in the first album it was something more misanthropic and aggressive, the second album contains more depressive and introspective lyrics and for the third one the lyrics were with full of hatred and agony.

You've released at least some of your albums as DIY-editions, made by you yourself. What releases have you released in this format and why? How do they differ from the regular editions?
 N > The only releases made by me, were my three albums, I released them as this because at the beginning I don’t pretend to find a label or either that someone will listen to Necrosadik, by the third album I released it by myself just for collection and self-satisfaction.

What kind of a Black Metal -scene do you have in Mexico? Do you see yourself as a part of this scene?
 N > The black metal scene in Mexico is growing, we have join more lost souls the rows, and I think that the scene has a good future, well I think I am part of this scene, I am the second band of Depressive Black Metal created in Mexico, so I am part of this scene, but I never wanted to socialize with the people in general, so I don’t pretend to be some kind of icon of the Mexican black metal scene.

You were going to make an album of 40 tracks with 40 session vocalists. How did you come up with this idea, and what is the album's situation at the moment?
 N > Yes, this is going to be the fourth album, the title has been chosen: “Providers of my self-destruction” and I decided to invite 40 singers to sing with me in one track each one, I have the idea, because I think that if I want to the death of all the world, I think that the world should help me with my own death.

The singer list is complete, and I will share with you:
01 Trondr Nefas / URGEHAL (Norway)
02 Ishtar / MOONLIGHT (Mexico)
03 John / ERESHKIGAL (Mexico)
04 Hector / INFERNAL HATE, also the owner of SELF MUTILATION SERVICES (Mexico)
05 Vrangsinn / CARPATHIAN FOREST (Norway)
07 Invisus / TERRA AUSTRALIS (Australia)
08 Salva / HATEHORDES (Spain)
09 Oblivion / HEGOXURI (UK)
10 Abominator / KETELENS’ BRUKKE (Austria)
11 Buddhika / PLECTO ALIQUEM CAPITE (Sri Lanka)
13 Horta VII / DECRETO K (Italy)
14 Cultus Malignum Thanatos / MOURNING SOUL (Chile)
15 Raktabeej / AGHORI (Bangladesh)
16 Verdelet / EROS THANATOS (Belgium)
17 Helleslaaf / COUNTHELL (Belgium)
18 Narcose / MANICA (Netherlands)
19 Sternenfrost / WEDARD (Germany)
20 Witchlord / CIRCLE OF GHOSTS (Canada)
21 Arkantoth / ARKANTOTH (Ireland)
22 Mayhem / MORBUS (Poland)
23 Nahemoth / THE SARCOPHAGUS (Turkey) 24 Cadavre / GRIMLAIR (France)
25 Yvonne / BLACK WINTER (Greece)
26 M. / SECRETLY IN PAIN (Canada)
27 Lord Lokhraed / NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION (France)
28 Hétre / TRISTE (USA)
29 Niklas Kvarforth / SHINING (Sweden) - not confirmed yet
30 Morbid / FORNICATUS (Finland)
31 Razor / DEEP-PRESSION (Russia)
33 Wintersturm / VOLUNTARIA (Germany)
34 Nostalgiker / ANDRARAKH (Germany)
35 Christopher / OSOI (Escosia)
36 Gareth / MORTUUS CAELUM (Greece)
37 P. Sergiy / MOLOCH (Ukraine)
38 Trespasser / MUSTA MYYTTI (Finland)
39 Maciej / UGLY CUNT RECORDS (Poland)
40 Dan O)) / S.O.D.D. (USA)

And it will feature the next session musicians:
01 Salva / HATEHORDES (Spain)
02 Lord Blackheart / LORD BLACKHEART (USA)
03 Andrea Bianchi / HANDFUL OF HATE (Italy)

Also I will receive the help in the artwork by:
01 RH- / DEEP-PRESSION (Russia)

It is in process, soon there will be news.

What kind of other plans and releases you have in store for Necrosadik's future?
 N > I am planning to release an EP before the fourth album, titled “ETERNAL (Walking Behind Your Steps)”, it will contain 5 new tracks and one cover of BESATT (POLAND) of the song “Son Of Pure Viking Blood”, in this track I will have the contribution of the next musicians:

Daniel Vrangsinn – Bass (CARPATHIAN FOREST)
Andrea Bianchi – Drums (HANDFUL OF HATE)
Lord Lokhraed – Guitars (NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION)

  Some new splits: “Hanging Illusions in a cold world” with Lykauges (Greece). And many other plans, there is a possibility to play in a gig with SHINING (SWE), DEN SAAKALDTE (NOR) & TAAKE (NOR).

Necrosadik is a solo-project, but have you ever thought about performing live gigs with session musicians? What would the line-up be like instrument-wise, and how would the gig be like overall?
 N > I have been thinking about performing live, but I need to look for a special place and moment, something that could fit in my ideology, as the gig I commented before.

What will Necrosadik's situation be five years from now, if things go as planned?
 N > In 5 years, I will have finished my career (Laws), and I will be married with my pretty girlfriend Laura, and of course Necrosadik will still be here, fucking your minds year after year.

Some regular questions. If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?
 N > Nothing, I think we are just things in this existence, and that our will is to be erased from this world.

What's your opinion on music piracy? Be it either bootlegs or downloading releases.
 N > I think music piracy is worthless, I like the old days, with vinyl, tape and CD formats, not the digital stuff they sell today, so I will still release all Necrosadik stuff like in the old days.

What are your thoughts and feelings about these three things: music, human, and god.
 N > MUSIC – my fuel, my inspiration, my necessity, a important part of me.
  HUMAN – the most awful, worthless, useless and stupid creation of life, we the humans are the cancer of the existence, the pestilence of this reality, we don’t deserve to be alive, we are just a failure in the system.
  GOD – I am god.

On a side note: how is the mental health care handled in Mexico, are you satisfied with it's current state?
 N > The mental health care handled in Mexico is poor, as many of the services in my country, we usually don’t care about the mental problems and that kind of stuff, we are more busy with corruption, murderers and drugs.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions.