You describe your brand of music as "drone'n'noise", and although this description is rather fitting: how would you describe your output more precisely? Are there some bands that TCM could be compared with?
 W > Sorry, but i really don't know...

What does the band's name stand for?
 W > I think that the name conveys pretty good an idea of what to expect from TCM.

How did you originally come to start experimenting with noisier sounds? Did you have some important idols or otherwise influential characters/bands that pushed you into that direction?
 W > I've played in hardcore/punkrock bands since 1991 and i was always interested in extreme music (grind core, noise core etc.). I think i began experimenting with the "noisier" sounds for myself, after visiting an "Earth" show in France, 2 or 3 years ago. They were supported by "KTL" and "Sir Richard Bishop"... This was a very impressive evening for me.

What influences you to make your music today?
 W > There are a lot of influences, nothing specific... It can be a song that i hear or just the noise in my neighbourhood.

How does your ideology reflect itself in your music? Is TCM an ideological or maybe even political band in any way?
 W > TCM is not a political project, but i would call myself a political person and beside TCM i sing in 2 political hardcore/punk bands and i think this also reflects in TCM (e.g. i would never do a split release with a racist or fascist band/project).

Your first release was rather guitar-driven and conventional doomy drone when comparing it to your later works, and it featured programmed drums and synths. At which point and why did you decide to pursue noisier, less conventional and less musical output?
 W > It wasn't a decision... I didn't think that "now i stop using drums, guitar etc", i just like it to experiment with stuff and that's why i often change the equipment that i use... Maybe i'll do more tracks that will sound like the first demo in the future...

You've taken part on 33 releases throughout TCM's one and a half years of existence, and although some of them are splits and V/A-compilations: do you ever think that you're releasing too much music, or have you been criticised of doing such?
 W > I don't think so... I release my stuff when i think for myself that the tracks are worth to be released. I can't remember if someone criticised me for putting out a lot of music in a short time, but that wouldn't change anything in my "release behaviour", because i don't give a shit.

How do you usually come up with new tracks? When you start experimenting or recording, do you have an image of the track's overall mood and sound in your mind, or is it something that is formed along the process?
 W > It's usually formed along the process... Some TCM tracks are more improvised and recorded live and without overdubs and some of the TCM tracks are "produced" with the computer... TCM is always experimenting with sounds, effects, different ways of producing and instruments...

You use a wide variety of different sources of sounds and noises in order to create your soundscapes. What instruments and "instruments" have you used the most in your creations? What are the latest things you've tried out to expand TCM's sound?
 W > Sound sources I use(d) the most are: tape loops, contact mic, microphone, synthesizer(s), field recordings, diy-soundgear (e.g. "Atari Punk Console"), guitar and bass. Latest things I tried out are: Revox 1/4 Tape Recorder for recording and/or mastering and i also often borrow effect pedals from my friends and try them out.

You've explored the territories of noise, drone, ambient and their mixes in many different ways and varying results. What are the things that ties TCM's varying musical styles together and makes all your music sound like TCM, and nothing but it? I.e. what are the things that label your musical expression, so to say?
 W > I think it's just me, my influences and my style of making music that make TCM sounds like TCM.

What do you have in store for TCM's future? Any planned releases, new experiments, and so on?
 W > Next will be a track on a doom/drone sampler released on Puzzle Records and CCA in August, a cd-r full-length release on Tosom and 2 or 3 more releases in the second half of 2010. This year i will release less stuff than last year, because i have to concentrate more on my label and other projects and bands I am involved in.

You don't name your tracks, you number them. What was the original reason for this? Aren't you worried that the listeners might not get the original idea and feel behind the songs?
 W > Originally I stole the idea from the Czech band "Lvmen" (hahaha) and if the listener is familiar with my sound, I think he will not need a stupid song title for knowing what's going on.

What are the qualities a band must have in order to get the chance to make a split with you?
 W > I have to like it, that's all.

I've understood that you have some other music-related projects beside TCM. Would you like to tell us something about them?
 W > Yes for sure, at the moment i am involved in:
- BURT, thrashcore in the vein of Spazz, Charles Bronson, Infest and 80's hardcore/punk
- SAVE YOURSELF, some kind of Hardcore with Metal influences
- CONDEMNED SYSTEM, old-school grindcore with a drum computer
- ED WAYNE LEFSKI, noise improvisations
- WORMHEAD, harsh noise
- PUZZLE RECORDS, diy-Label, specialised in tape releases of hardcore/punk and experimental music

The regulars. What's your view on music piracy? Does it in some way relate to this question that you release a portion of your music as free downloads?
 W > I do a lot of free mp3 releases and i always offer the Puzzle Rec. releases for free when they are sold-out. I don't want to earn money with my bands and/or label, i just want to have fun, meet people and release music that i like personally, so I don't really care about the music industry or music piracy. Speaking of me personally, I don't buy a lot of cd's, because I hate'em, I am more into vinyl and tapes.

If you could change one thing (or two if you're greedy) in the world, what would it be?
 W > OK, it's time to get selfish... I would make myself win the lottery, quit my job and concentrate on making and releasing music...

What are your thoughts about these words: music, human, god?
 W > music -> my life
human -> me?
god -> nothing?!

In a nutshell: why should a person reading this article listen to Tainted Corrosive Mist?
 W > If you like drone and soundscapes you will probably like TCM... and by-the-way: you can get my stuff for free or real cheap.

No more questions, you're free to say (and/or advertise) what you want.
 W > If someone reading this article is interested in TCM or Puzzle Records releases, check out the TCM website and my shop at Puzzle Records, or contact me for trades. And thank you M for your interest in TCM.

And naturally, thank you for taking your time to answer our questions.