Describe your music in your own words. What does it sound and feel like, and are there some bands your sound could be compared with?
 A > Morgue Fornicator is raw, abrasive, chaotic, and unorthodox black metal. The sound is very dirty, distorted, and hideous. It does not sound or feel welcoming and this is our intention. The feel of Morgue Fornicator is like your skin is being peeled off with a dull knife.
  I donít think there are any bands that sound, look or act like Morgue Fornicator. We donít follow any trends or care what anyone says or thinks. Morgue Fornicatorís overall sound delivery is unique and is required listening for people who hate themselves as well as society. We cannot be compared to anyone.

How does your band's name reflect your music and lyrical themes? How was the name originally chosen?
 A > The name ďMorgue FornicatorĒ is different for black metal since everyone is doing typical boring black metal these days we stand out for sure. I came up with the name because itís unusual and a disturbing mix of sex and death, both which are very interesting topics. Morgue Fornicator as a name and a band is a repellant and we do not appeal to weak minded scum fuck garbage subhumanoids. Our topics eliminate most of idiots seeking trendy and safe music from participating in our disturbing and vile arts. We have nothing to do with the shit society or scene and there are no restrictions to this band as you can hear in our music we can play chaotic insanity and then play an acoustic song. We say, think, do and project what we want. We play the way we like and we hope everyone else suffers or dies.

You are currently a duo, along with a session drummer. One of you lives in the USA and the other in Spain. How did you originally meet, and how did it eventually lead into the birth of Morgue Fornicator?
 A > I ran into the Temple of the Maggotís web page initially and thought to myself ďwhat the fuck is this shit?Ē. The logo caught my attention (their brilliance and originality caught my attention). TotM even at a glance is unique for sure, so I decided just to kill some time and visit their page and listen to their material. Temple of the Maggot is a new breath of creativity to black metal and everyone with even half a shit brain should take note of this and obey that shit!
  Temple of the Maggot (reviewed here and interviewed here) just vomits nothing but hatred. The vibe of the band is certainly interesting and negative. One can see they have a sincere hatred with all of their content. It has been a while since Iíve looked at a bandís page or product and had a reaction of some sort of shock.
  Barag and I started talking for many months and this led to him joining me in the "Morgue". Barag and I plan to continue release Morgue Fornicator albums in between our other works so this is a permanent arrangement for sure.
  The band is always a 3 piece, Morgue Fornicator will not work with Lurker from here on. Lurker only helped during the demo and the first album as he is a very old and great friend but his services will not be used due to his schedule not allowing. We have replaced Lurker with Kriich immediately. Kriich is a permanent drummer for the 2nd full length album and from here on. Kriich is also a very old friend of mine so the transition is smooth. Both Lurker and Kriich know the "recipe for chaos" so the transition is smooth. As for the birth of the band, this was my creation from 2006, I just wanted another outlet of disgust and a different style than previously heard and imagined before.

How do you handle the communication between the band members? Have you actually ever met?
 A > All communication is between emails, Barag and I have never met or even talked in person before. I know the drummers both personally as Lurker has visited Colorado before and Iíve performed live with Kriich in Germany with Misanthropy. Barag is planning a trip to the USA but as it is, the cooperation will remain with myself in the USA and Barag and Kriich in Europe.

To my understanding, the band already existed in some form before Barag came to the band. How did him joining the band affect your sound and overall output? Was it difficult to give up a part of your leadership in the band, or are you still the one who makes the final decisions?
 A > Thatís true that it has been an ongoing thing since 2006 as a partially embalmed cadaver! I couldnít seem to get the old vocalist to record or do anything so the idea and recordings went nowhere. The sound of Morgue Fornicator has been the same for the most part but the original 8 song demo was far more raw than the new record that is completed. Baragís voice has changed the dynamics of the voice for the band for sure. Barag has superior tortured spitting vocals and he adds to the pervsion and disgust with his voice and concepts.
  Barag and I work very well together so I am not really the "leader" of the band since Barag is the voice! We do everything 50/50. I knew since we started working together on releasing the TotM cd that his input into MF would be valuable and make it more interesting. When both of our creativities work together the material produced is interesting, original and above all, deadly!

How do you distribute the work and responsibilities among the band members?
 A > It comes very natural in this band, Barag is the voice and the releases are completed after his contributions. Both drummers in MF are old friends of mine and they know exactly how insane and chaotic it is to work with me so this speeds up the process a lot. The process is easy because we all work together but yet separately and at our own pace in between everyday life. The way we record keeps the creativity flowing and since we work at our on place in our own environments. We each have our own space from each other and this keeps us from killing each other. Recording will always be a pleasure unlike major bands where these releases are basically jobs, we have space to breathe and we donít care for drama.

What is MF's musical goal; what are you trying to achieve with or through your music, and what kind of an impact do you want to leave on your listener?
 A > I personally aim to destroy as many minds as possible. I would like to make everyone as miserable and agitated as I am. I donít care about others and their pathetic existence. I hope this music fuels a rage that someone may have and push them over the edge into a destructive action.
  I best describe the product as a scalpel and when put into the right hands will cut something or someone! The music is pure aggression and chaos. Our releases are not for those who are not angry or twisted already. Since most black metal fans these days are posers and gays or have been sodomized by their father or a priest, they will not like Morgue Fornicator so fuck them. Our intent is that we put our most vile and explicit deeds onto audio format, in turn this chaotic ritual to liberate our hateful minds. I stress the fact that we shit on everyone.

You have recorded your debut album and have sent some promos (reviewed here) to labels of it, but it hasn't officially been released yet. What is the album's current situation? Has there been any response from the labels, and what kind of feedback have you been receiving overall?
 A > The album is done. The labels that received promos donít want to risk releasing something a bit different because they rather sell garbage to gays who find out about black metal on stupid message boards. I think these labels still want to release safe releases of bands that donít offend anyone and stick to the typical formula. Thatís ok, those cdís they release are great for bedtime music since they lack any feeling and void of any creativity. I swear, a lot of these records seriously help me fall asleep instantly so I guess the new trend is typical boring shit.
  Nothing stops the Morgue Fornicator! We are probably going to release all of our material on our newly found "Morgue Records" which is run by Barag and myself only. We will release everything and maybe in the future release our other bands Temple of the Maggot and Misanthropy. This will be a painfully slow process for sure, but every release will be very well thought out and planned.
  The feedback has been great through the myspace page, people write us and are interested in getting the material so this tells me that we are making a mental connection to other disturbed individuals.

Would you like to tell us something about the ideologies behind MF? Are you a satanic group?
 A > Speaking purely for myself I am not a Satanist. I HATE all forms of worship. I have no time for this sort of thing. I generally come up with my own (always changing) philosophies based on my daily life experiences. I hate all religion with a passion, so naturally I will inject this disgust into the product whenever possible as well but more so with my other bands. Morgue Fornicatorís main ideology is not Satanic. I can say our ideology is venomous and most people will not understand it due to lack of intelligence on their part. People may think we are satanic due to the inverted crucifix on our logo but the bandís intentions are not satanic in anyway shape or form. Morgue Fornicator is a destructive art, plain and simple our middle fingers are always extended to everyone and this is my ideology for the band. As for Barag I have no idea what he thinks. Barag is a maniac for sure! I would have to say Barag is more the insane one, and I am the more angry one.

A lot of your songs revolve around torture and necrophilia. I assume that these themes weren't chosen for the mere shock value, so could you tell us a bit about the actual "message" of these themes?
 A > The themes simply serve as an outlet for our disgust with humanity and the flesh in general. What I feel everyday is pure agitation, which I clearly put into this band. I hate myself a lot every day, but I hate others a lot more. Itís every day that I visualize maiming other people and sawing things off of them. Itís actually very relieving like an orgasm when you see yourself sawing off parts of flesh and blood dripping in your mind. Itís very soothing and in a way much like meditation for me.
  I donít think our message will reach many people, I say this because your average black metal clown kids think of themselves as wolf in the forest or some shit like this. Our message to everyone is to get out of the mountains, forests and stupid shit where no one goes, go into the city each night with a scalpel and stab someone in the face multiple times. Iíd say the message from our songs is an extension of how we feel most of the time so itís very natural for us.

In relation to the above, a big part of your visual side consists of embalming and autopsying tools and pictures. What is it that fascinates you with these things?
 A > The human body is so frail, flesh rips like paper and this is fascinating to us. These instruments you mention make it easy for us to penetrate and get into the skin of one another (alive or dead). The tools of an autopsy are the same in which we create the music that in order to get inside of a person, you will need an instrument of some sort. Think of it this way: the scalpel is the microphone, the bone saw is a guitar and rib cutters are a drum set. All of these tools are used to get inside someone one way or another. Anything that allows me to penetrate someone else is fascinating.

You've made a rather disturbing music video. Would you like to tell us something about it? Do you plan on making more videos in the future?
 A > Yes, I personally think musicians owe it to real fanatics of the art a bit extra effort, even if that includes a short video clip of a song, a unique set of pictures, some extra information, bonus tracks or just something extra for their support. As a metal fan myself of a bit over 25 years now I think all metal releases should come with some sort of extras. I think most fanatics feel ripped off with a MCD or some half assed bullshit rushed product like this. It seems as if bands just want to put something out very fast with the least bit of effort just so they can have some sort of status. I have an idea of an entire DVD bonus with the next release but this is too early to decide anything but this is something I have thought about and would enjoy doing.

The promo-CD didn't hold the lyrics. Are you going to publish them on the official album release?
 A > Good question! The promo cd was just that, a promo. I put it together to serve only to send out to labels so they have an idea we are serious. The Promo served to convey the basic information about us. This will not be the final layout by any means. I donít think we will ever publish the lyrics unless Barag insists on doing so, I think this is more up to him when it comes time to put this out.

Where do you draw your influences? Are there some specific bands, movies, historic eras or whatever that inspires your music?
 A > To be honest I have no idea where the influence for Morgue Fornicator comes from. I can say Iíve been a metal head for 25 years now so all my influences are drawn from the years of listening to metal. I listen to a lot of types of metal so I may get an idea just listening to some old Sodom or Exorcist albums. I get ideas then when I put it onto audio I just "Antihumanize it" and it ends up as the original idea but with my own style to it. Iím just inspired by the world around me when it all comes down to it.

Aside of getting the debut album released, what future plans do you have for the band? Are there some major things going on with the band at the moment?
 A > We take it one album at a time. I would however like it if a label puts it out, it will make the release come out a lot quicker. I think this album should be published onto an Enhanced CD format, with a video, wallpaper, pics and information. Thatís the plan for right now. There are really no other major things except the new drummer but this is not a big issue because drummers that I work with know exactly what to expect.

Do you have any plans on getting a full line-up and making live performances? Hypothetically, and partly relating to the music video-question, what would a MF-performance be like?
 A > We have no plans whatsoever on live performances, we simply donít care to get up in front of drunk idiots and project our music on unworthy ears. I say this because people only go to shows to socialize, itís not about the music anymore, most of these people even talk while the bands are playing! I have no respect for the social retardation.
  A Morgue Fornicator performance would be just as disgusting as our music. I see a lot of fog, strobe lights, screams and blast beats. I would love to slingshot razor blades randomly into the crowd as well! There would also be a coffin on stage full of unused slaughter house intestines, ears and pig anus and livers floating around in a big casket. Once the show is over I would tip the casket over on the people in the front row then I flip them off and walk off stage.

All of you have some other projects going on alongside Morgue Fornicator. Would you like to tell us something about them, and their current state?
 A > Barag does the Temple of the Maggot and thatís the only other band heís currently involved with. Temple of the Maggot is currently working on a new record, which is coming along very well I must say! Iím currently working on a new full length Misanthropy album. Iím also gearing up for the next Marks of the Masochist album. Last but not least there are plans in the works for a new Satanic Funeral album in 2011 which I do all the vocals for this band. Thatís all I can think of going on at the moment.

This crosses a bit with the first question, but what bands would you recommend to your listeners, if any?
 A > I listen to a lot of types of metal but a few Iíve had in my player lately that are essential are:
  Black Metal- Kratornas, SS-18, Summon, Nazxul, Lugubre, Valpecula, Nastrond, Temple of the Maggot, Kerberos, Thy Majesty, Impaled Nazarene, Octinomos, Goat Penis, Raw Hatred, Nosvrolok, Nehema, Dark Tribe, Bethlehem, Armaggedon.
  Old Metal- Holy Terror, ARG, Omen, Laaz Rockit, Helstar, Intruder, Devastation, Warlord, Witch Cross, Midnight Darkness, Sanctuary, Crimson Glory to name a few out of thousands that I like and have been into since I was a kid.

Some broader questions. What do you think of the overall Black Metal scene and the rise in it's popularity? Do you or MF have a place in that scene?
 A > Iím disgusted with the "scene" in general. Itís a lot of socially rejected idiots that seem to get together and drink, act like morons, and talk about all types of shit they want to do but nothing gets done. There is no seriousness, no respect, no creativity, no understanding of real black metal and no responsibility. I do not see Morgue Fornicator in that "scene" because I donít care to associate with any of them. I donít socialize with many people these days as a result of decades worth of disappointments from these clowns and it seems to get worse every year.

What is your view on music piracy and digital releases?
 A > I think itís great to sample new releases so you donít have to waste money on a cd of a band that decided to change direction but kept the same name.
  I also think that music piracy is very good for the true underground spirit because your Dimmu Borgirís and bands like this will not be able to sell out and be as commercial as they are so they will quit making music and get a day job instead. Those who are serious about the music will continue to do what they do like Morgue Fornicator. I see black metal eventually being underground again and forgotten within the next 5 years. Itís an elite music and trendy morons will move on to something else.

Your thoughts on these things: human, music, black metal, god?
 A > Humans are disappointing and aggravating. I am bombarded with them daily and they fuel my works in MF and Misanthropy for example.
  Music is great! Metal in particular got me through a very rough childhood so I never turn my back on metal. Black Metal, itís what I listen to the most, I must say that lately the releases coming out are not very interesting.
  God? PfftÖ Fairy tale!

If you could change a thing or two in the world, what would you do?
 A > There is a lot I would like to change but for the sake of this question Iíll keep it at two things (haha). I would end ALL religions and spiritual beliefs for a start. Religion is a constant irritant to me on a daily basis! The other thing I would like to do is have most of the population of the world eliminated. I know neither would happen realistically but it would make this shit hole planet better!

If you could have someone specific in front of you on the embalming table, who would it be?
 A > Very simpleÖ I would be delighted to have the pope dead in front of me. I would enjoy disfiguring his cadaver with a hammer and screw driver. I would love to drill a big wide hole in his forehead and put a big inverted crucifix right in it. This would defiantly be on the next Morgue Fornicator album cover! I would take his flesh and cut it into nice thin strips and dry them with pepper and smoke flavoring and then give them to a church charity to distribute it for free. There is something for the maniacs too, Iíd cut pieces of his bones and include them with the first 150 Morgue Fornicator cdís!

This paragraph is for whatever you might want to say. The word is free.
 A > Weíll have our releases out on Morgue Records which may be run straight from the Morgue Fornicator website directly. Check out the site from time to time for the original demo release and the new album release, we are good about posting things as they happen. We are still planning things out at this stage for Morgue Records but things are going to happen slowly but the way we want them since we are taking matters into our own hands.
  One more thing: Do not contact us unless you have something intelligent to say!

Thanks for taking your time to answer our questions.
 A > Thank you for taking the time to do this interview and the reviews on your site. Cheers for doing something productive to contribute to metal. If there were more fanatics that were ready to do something rather than shit and piss themselves from excessive drinking I think the spirit of real metal may have a chance to come back.