Hello Torba.
 M > Hello, glad to be here.

How has your year 2010 begun?
 M > I live in Berlin since the end of 2009, and this is the best choice I've never made in my life. So, I've begun this 2010 as a new life on Planet Earth.

You have brand new release "the snowdrones" which was released free via internet. Do you think that musicians should focus more in free releases?
 M > I've counted almost 300 download for "the snowdrones" in one month. Usually I need 6 month or more for sell 10 cassettes. So, do the maths! Internet is the biggest resource for underground music. Net-labels and net-distros appear and disappear like mushrooms; each one can run his own label or just manage his music on the web through blogs, music networks, social networks. In this horizontal propose only the quality make the difference!

You have done already tape, cd-r and web releases. Are all formats fine to Torba? Or is there any format you like to do most? Do you have maybe vinyl releases in mind?
 M > I don't care too much about the format. I prefer to focus my efforts on the contents. When I have money to invest or a label, I like to release my materials on cassette. When I can't (because of money or label or just the wish to find it), I release it on free-download. Vinyl it's just a dream so far.

So you have done two split tapes ("Torba & M! - Split" and "Torba & emme! - Split"). Can you tell something from these releases? Why "split" releases?
 M > M! and emme! are the same project. The first tape was released by ourselves, second on Underground Pollution Records. A split release gives you the possibility to reach more people and to halve the cost of production. It's also a good way to get in touch with other musicians further to give to listeners different soundscapes on the same record!

What is your usual method for music making? Do you need to get in right mood before you start writing and recording?
 M > Well, it's a simple process. Usually I start to jam something searching for a "door" : a feedback, a guitar riff, a noise, a defect on my amp or somethings. Then, I try to open this "door". I cross the threshold with my body, my emotions and my instruments until the next "door". And so on. The "doors" create the structure of the song. That's all. I can start this process in any physical / emotional condition. I don't have a rule.

What are Torba's future visions? Any new releases in mind? Maybe live shows?
 M > I have some split-cassettes and a new full-length album in progress. I'm also working on a weird experiment together with six bands / musicians. We are trying to put in music a famous comic book, Moebius' airtight garage. The mind beyond this project is the Italian label "Hysm?". That, of course, will release the final work. Some days ago I also tested, for the first time, Torba in live. It was really a good experience! I wish to play live a lot because it's the better way to know how to test my feelings..

Thank you for the interview. Any last words for the readers?
 M > Thanks a lot for questions and interest.