Greetings Hector Corpus from Black Angel. How are you at the time?
 H > Hell Finland! Here is Hector Corpus, bassist and leader of Black Angel. First thanks for this opportunity provided here to clarify many doubts about Black Angel. These days Black Angel and Hector Corpus are recording and rehearsing new songs for future productions.

First let's talk about Black Angel's history. Why and how Black Angel was founded? Was there problems to find members in the beginning? And what we're main influences for Black Angel when it started?
 H > The origin of Black Angel goes back to the beginning of the year 1988 and the band was born in the district of Comas exactly, north of the capital of Peru, Lima. Leaded by bass player and founder Héctor Corpus. Black Angel was musically influenced by old metal hordes like Black Sabbath, Mercyful Fate, Celtic Frost, Hellhammer, Venom, Bathory, Sarcofago, Sepultura, Vulcano, Holocausto.
  Black Angel has always been active without any interruptions since 1988 until this day. During its career there has been a lot of concerts, productions and many international tours that made increasingly transcend and expand the name of Black Angel. For this reason when Black Angel is progressing and growing increase many detractors who are now in the dissemination of discredit and defame the name of Black Angel spreading lies and doubts about Hector Corpus to destroy the reputation of Black Angel with these lies.

So Black Angel was founded in 1988, but your first official demo was released not until 1997. What took so long?
 H > This is true. It was a long time to record our first official demo from 1988 until 1997 because in the 80s Peru's economic situation for all metal bands was very difficult. Many black metal bands in Peru disappeared without recording anything.

How has Black Angel's sound evolved from 1988? Has your visions and thoughts from making music change from beginning?
 H > Black Angel remains strong because there has been always a spirit of war and perseverance. Not giving up or taking a step back when the odds were filed against us. Despite our enemies sought to destroy Black Angel always discrediting and maligning the name "Black Angel so that nobody will support us and everyone thinks badly of us. We all know that the future belongs to nobody. Nobody knows tomorrow or what will happen but my mind is in continue to fight and continues a war footing for joy and happiness of all ours enemies.

Can you tell us about your lyrics? Do you have any main theme for them?
 H > I think each person has their own truth in this world and that all human beings naturally have to think always different. In particular I think black metal is a musical and lyrical art. A way of expressing our thoughts and feelings of darkness hidden within us. A means through which to express and realize our own ways of thinking about mysteries surrounding the man in the existing symbolic representations either independent or beliefs that go beyond the common understanding that only the artist himself can explain.
  We will not lock ourselves in one only ideological principle. Other traditional black metal bands in the eighties were closed lyrically speaking only of satan or anti-christian sentiment. We will not do the same thing. Today many bands copied the sound and even sing along as other traditional bands to achieve widespread recognition in a short time. We do what we really feel. Without fear that criticize us or despise us just for being honest with ourselves. Not competing with anyone else but ourselves.
  We prefer to tell the truth from lie. We are always ourselves. We can say that one of the many reasons we choose to play black metal was to express our inner rage to all the shit that surrounds us. By the strength, speed, aggression and cruelty as the musical composition of our letters. We're against all manipulating lies like terrorism, politics, religions, christianity, satanism. We believe this is a fake circus. It's sad to know that many black metal bands fall into these lies in the structure their letters, all these are nothing but intelligent strategies and tricks to fool. Our lyrics are an infinite representative hieroglyph that only we can explain with our words and are aimed at different meanings.

Black Angel has released many split releases lately. Is there plans for making new full-length? Maybe in 2010?
 H > Yes, currently we're recording a new full-length with 9 new songs. It will be released soon by a record label from Japan

How active Black Angel will be in 2010? Your myspace page says Black Angel's only member is right now Hector Corpus. So is Black Angel doing any gigs in 2010? How is your live line-up?
 H > Yes, Black Angel is only Hector Corpus. I choose the musicians for live concerts, this has been always like this.

Lastly questions your homeland Peru. How is Black Metal scene in Peru nowadays? How it has evolved from 1988?
 H > The biggest difference I see now in the peruvian underground black metal movement from 1988 until now is that new generations of metal of nowadays have created a big competition and rivalry against old metalheads. These new metalheads feel much envy and hatred of old metalheads of the 80s. In these times is normal hear bad talk against the old metalheads, judging and criticizing they personal life and everything what they did for metal movement in the 80s. All this to destroy the reputation of these old metalheads. Internet today has become an incredible way without credibility. Nobody can believe what is published on the internet, because now is quite common to defamation by Internet. Many times these publications are made by enemies, only intent to slander and discredit someones progresses.
  Underground black metal scene in Peru has been always a circle, a monopoly. There are many friendships related to these circles. This circle shows a false picture of what actually exists here in Peru. There is a lot of shit, a lot of competition, a lot of rivalry. Much effort to discredit others. Unfortunately this how things are nowadays in Peru.

Now I have to thank you for letting me interview Legendary Black Angel. You have the last words.
 H > First thanks to this respectable zine for giving me this opportunity. This is a world of lies where everything is manipulated and easily deceived. Don't be fooled or manipulated. "The detractors, whatever they say. Black Angel was born in 1988 and Black Angel is in continuous activity since 1988,". Thanks Finland!