Greetings Slaughter Command. How are you today?
 BB > We're fine and having some beers right now!

SC plays pretty old-school sounding Thrash Metal. Was it 80's Thrash Metal scene that made you start Slaughter Command?
 BB > The Aggression of this old sound! We aren't into this new metal crap, so it was the only possibility and the right choice to express our understanding of old school thrashing terror!

Part of SC members have Black Metal background. How much you have interests about Black Metal scene nowadays?
 BB > Me (Bitch Butcher) and Slut Slasher are into black metal. We like this obscure sound of some bands like Exordium, Behexen, Watain and others.

Where did you get ideas for your beautiful track titles like Blowjob of Hell? Maybe from your own experiences?
 BB > The title of this song and of some others is inspired by the experiences of our vokiller Whore Hunter.

What are Slaughter Command's main lyrical themes and inspirations?
 BB > 80's Movies, violence, sex, poser killing, metal lifestyle, mythology, history, personal experience, etc.

Next lets discuss about your future. SC has now two releases which both are demo releases. Do you have any plans recording full-length in 2010? Any other plans?
 BB > Demos are almost sold out and we're working on new songs. Our future plans are the release of our first album and some split releases. This shit will be released by Iron Bonehead.

Have you received good feedback from newest demo tape "Bitch-Instructing Lessons"?
 BB > We only got positive feedback from our fans and the labels interested in our tunes.

Last, something very important. Which one do you prefer Gay Zombies or Lesbian Vampires?
 BB > Lesbian Vampires of course!

Thanks for the interview Slaughter Command. Any last words?
 BB > Kill Posers and never surrender to false metal!