First, please tell who and what is Paregorik?
 M/S > First, Paregorik is me. Second, Paregoric is opium tincture. Paregorik is my noise / experimental project started in January 2009 after several another projects active since 2004. At first my aim was in distorted noise, but my sound has changed a lot till nowadays, so I can't call my project pure harsh noise or pure anything. I make sounds from harsh to meditative. But it's mostly noise. Harsh or not. I call it experimental noise, however the word "experimental" is nowadays abused by hundred ways.

You have done already plenty of releases. Cd's, tapes, and even floppy disks. So what's your favorite music format and why?
 M/S > It's hard to tell, but probably a tape, because is quite cheap to buy, it looks good if the cover is done well. But on the other hand vinyl is also beautiful format. I like listing covers and reading lyrics, credits and everything written. Vinyl is more expensive to made, but if you make it good, it's really pleasure to get it. But it all depends on how good you're able to make it and how good you want to make it. It's difficult to say which format is better, cause I've got some really nice tapes in my collection with nice covers and such but on the other hand I've got also really bad looking tapes with awful cover.
  Same as I've got damn good looking vinyl, beautiful cover, insert and such, but in my collection you can also find just some shitty xeroxed covers and other bad looking stuff. I think if you've got good idea and really want to make some beautiful release it doesn't matter if its tape, cdr, or vinyl. I've got also some really nice CDr's in my collection which are really good done.
  I really do not understand people releasing some stuff and selling it for some astronomical prices. For example you can find many vinyl releases for many euro / dollars without shipping, including nothing but the vinyl and black & white cover. Damn, I want to say. If I'd like to release vinyl, I'd like to make it really good looking, with insert and with as low price as possible. I really can't stand such a wanna be non-profit labels selling their stuff so expensive and all you get is piece of asphalt with nearly no info. But that's the same with tapes and CDs / CDRs.
  And floppy disks? Yes, it's really interesting format for music. It's pretty undergound if I can say that, cause not many people are now able to play them. Because everyone got super special laptop or some monster pc. I like floppies and I hope they will not disappear from the music scene.

Also, you have many split releases with other acts. How do you decide a split release with other acts?
 M/S > Well, in past, I accepted cooperation with couple of artists at which I'm really not proud on. I made few bad decisions about some artists I made split with. So now I'm selecting and accepting for splits only artists I really trust and respect.
  But it doesn't mean that I want to make splits only with some well known artists. There are some new artist I observe and really like, so it is possible for me do a split with this kind of artists. I also asked few people whose noise I like to make a split, sometimes it happened sometimes not. But now it's not my aim to make a million of splits and million of shitty releases on as much labels as possible. But, I release a lot, cause I often feel to make a record.

Noise musicians often use very weird methods to produce their tracks. So do you have any special methods and equipment?
 M/S > I hardly ever record stuff during the day. I usually record my stuff from 8pm to late night / morning. But this is the same with any other activity I do. Simply I'm more creative during the night. And methods I use? It depends on my mood. Some of my releases are recorded in full live session with no post-production and editing.
  But I also widely use cut-ups of my recording, or of some speaking, or many songs across the genres which I like. Record - cut-up - play it and record over it. Cut-Up - record - play it - manipulate it. Cut-up - manipulate it - keep it. Cut-up - keep it. It depends. Nearly every my recording session is different. The set up is different day to day, but it doesn't mean that I won't record some stuff by the same method.
  I don't know if some of my equipment is weird, but for example I use old damaged toy transmitter, electric razor, bulp and nearly everything I can found. Also my two white mice running in scrunching wheel.

You come from Czech Republic. How is noise scene there nowadays? Any artists or bands worth of mentioning?
 M/S > For sure, there are few people to mention. Number one of czech noise is band Napalmed, working from 1993, still changing their sound, still experimenting with new stuff, I really appreciate their work. Next really interesting band is Sklo, couple of experimenenters. I'm really proud that first split I ever made was with Radim from Sklo. Also k-lxm, one-man noise unit. Real industrial harsh sound, now with new release. There are also some few other projects, but these three names are for me the most important.

Has Paregorik done any live shows? Or do you even have plans to do any?
 M/S > Not yet and no plans for live shows in near future. Of course I'd like to make a live performance, but in my city it's nearly impossible. There isn't any noise scene and nearly no one I know listens noise. I had few offers to play live in another cities and also one from foreign country, but sincerely the main thing is, that I'm pretty shy and nervous person and I do not feel to travel somewhere to play there. But I hope that in future some live show will happen, I've got some ideas for live performance, so I'll see how it's going to be.

If you should choose one thing that has mostly influenced you to make music, what it would be?
 M/S > Oh, that's really hard to pick one thing. But if I had to I pick the sound itself. As I can remember, I was always obsessed with sound. As a small boy I was using my mom's old tape recorder and recorded everything possible. I think I was like 7 or 8 when I recorded my first tape, using loops of speaking and also first cut-ups and sound collages. I also played flute since I was five, so also this influenced me a lot. I had few concerts in churches in my age from 6-10 and I have to say that even now I remember this I feel the vibes it gaves me.
  Also there are some artists that influenced me for sure, but I really can't tell you which. I listen to many music genres, from jazz to crust-punk, post-rock, rap and many many other genres and sub-genres and they all influenced me. Miles Davis? Yes, for sure, Public Enemy? Yes, for sure. Bob Dylan? Damn, for sure! And this way I can continue to infinity.

You lately started your own record label "Meziprostor". This label is focusing on non-musical acts, correct? So what's your reason to start own record label? And what kind of plans Meziprostor has for future?
 M/S > Yes, I started Meziprostor, translated to english as "interspace", to release some of my stuff same as material of my friends. I found good to start a label in do-it-yourself sense to see what I can do. As I see now, I'm not able to do as many releases in as good quality as I thought before. Now I'm in number 12 in my catalogue. Number 12 is going to be released in few days.
  I have to say, that I work with nearly no budget and try to make my releases interesting somehow. Of course some releases are worse, some better. Sometimes I made just only the necessarily for the release, sometimes I tried to make it much more interesting. The future of my label is to focus in less releases in better quality. I just should stop to be hotheaded.

Do you have any other projects right now?
 M/S > Few weeks ago I started hindu / buddhist themed harsh noise walls project called Static Mantra. Nowadays I've got plenty of upcoming releases with this project and I hope that it's going to be a long live project.
  I'm also planning another new project, but don't want to talk about it right now, cause work is in progress, but till end of this year you can wait first release.
  Also under my label Meziprostor is going to be a little sub-label "mkultra" aimed to my sound study of auditive deprivation. You can wait more information on Meziprostor website in next few days or couple of weeks.

Thank you for the interview. Last words?
 M/S > I'd like to thank you for the place for my words. It's nice that there are still some people which are interested promoting underground artists.
  Thanks also to everyone who work, trade, deale, release and anyhow cooperate with me. Feel free to visit some of my websites and listen my stuff or get in contact with me. All the best.