Hi Jeff. How are you feeling today?
 J > I'm doing okay. I had some pretty intense, anxiety fueled dreams last night, so I woke with a sense of dread/unease in the pit of my stomach this morning.

Edge of October's sound is very dark and melancholic. How would you describe your mental state when working with this kind of music?
 J > Most often I am in the midst of an episode of depression when I work on material. But, for me, depression consists of many different emotions and feelings - anxiety, panic, anger, sadness, emptiness, the dread of feeling completely alone, the loss of hope, etc. All of it works it's way into my music in one way or another.

If I have understood correctly, depression in one of the biggest reason why Edge of October was founded. How and why this "illness" has effected in your music creation?
 J > Depression is the only reason that Edge of October exists. I had never even heard any "dark ambient" music when I started creating my own music. It wasn't until I had written my first bit of material that I hopped online and discovered this whole genre of music, and all the different artists who produce it. I just felt this incredible need to purge all of these negative feelings through music, and this type of music was the perfect vehicle for it I find that creating these songs can be very therapeutic.

Like many other artists nowadays, Edge of October has released only web releases. Any psychical releases in mind?
 J > As much as I would like to, I don't see it happening anytime in the future. I don't have the funds to release anything myself, and I don't think my material is good enough to send to any of the dark ambient labels out there (the ones that do physical releases). I've ordered quite a bit of music from Cyclic Law, my personal favorite label. Their packagings are really beatiful, it adds a lot to the overall experience of listening to the music.

You are working with new album titled "From Stone To Sky". What we can expect from this release?
 J > More of the same. The focus of this album is the process of recovery/acceptance of mental illness. I'm not sure if this album will ever be released. As the depression has started to wane, so has my need to work on new material. I'm sure i'll work on it more at some point.

Edge of October's tracks could fit very well in horror movies. So if you got a opportunity to do soundtrack for movie you like, what movie it would be (or what kind of movie)?
 J > I love horror movie soundtracks! I have for as long as I can remember. I'd rather do a soundtrack for a good, phsychological horror film, as opposed to a slasher flick. Something along the lines of "The Orphan" or "The Others". I've actually really gotten into the whole post apocalyptic genre recently. There are a lot of good books ("The Road"), and movies ("The Book of Eli") out there that have inspired me to create music. I've put together a few tracks for an album with this theme.

Thanks very much for the interview Jeff. Anything to add in the end?
 J > I'd like to thank you for taking the time to interview me, and to thank anyone who decides to give my music a listen. I hope you get something out of the experience. And to all the dark ambient artists out there, keep creating the music, and I'll definitely keep listening!