Lord of Pagathorn released their legendary demo "The Chaos Spirit Among Us" in 1994. Since then the band wasn't heard of for years, until now. In 2010 the band released their convincing second demo "Msilihporcen," which shows that the band has truly returned, stronger than ever. It's time to ask the band about their current situation.

How is the band doing these days? Has there been changes in the line-up?
 C > Hail! The band's stronger than ever and we're doing good, thanks for asking. Well, if you mean changes in the line-up when compared with the original one, we have a new drummer Hellwind and the bass player Sedit. In the beginning of '90s the band had two members.

What made the band return after such a long break?
 C > I've constantly been thinking about making new songs. I've actively made songs for Lord Of Pagathorn for the last 5-6 years, and finally last year we recorded the new demo "MSILIHPORCEN."

Where does the band name originate from?
 C > We thought about the name Lord Of Pagathorn for quite some time with the former drummer sometime in the year 1992, or earlier.

Why did you choose the name "Msilihporcen" for the newest demo?
 C > I wrote the lyrics for the theme album "Nekros Philia" a few years back, and right from the beginning I had a strong vision that when we're demoing the songs or actually making a demo, it will be called "MSILIHPORCEN."

"Msilihporcen" is a very tight-sounding and refined package. Did you have any major birth-giving pains while making or recording it?
 C > Rehearsing the songs for the demo was easy, because I had already been working on the songs for years before we begun rehearsing them as a full group. Misfortune was with us throughout the recording process, though. For example we had to re-record the drums for couple of the first tracks, because the microphones had gone silent and so on. The guitar just decided to go mute a few times while recording. We have no idea about the reasons behind these occurrences.

Is "Msilihporcen" musically different when compared with the debut demo? Are there some new influences we can hear in your playing?
 C > I think that the way of song-making is still the same as it was years ago. The new songs include some riffs that were left unused back in the day, and ones that were used in some unpublished songs. The material on the new demo is played faster than it was on the "The Chaos Spirit Among Us"-demo from 1994, but I think we still sound like Lord Of Pagathorn.

Who makes the songs and the lyrics?
 C > At the moment I make them, but it's possible that in the future the other band members might make some material for Lord Of Pagathorn as well.

What are your lyrics about?
 C > The lyrics of "MSILIHPORCEN" present the first three chapters of the "Nekros Philia" -theme album's seven chapters. The lyrics drill down into the mind of a necrophile, as well as his/her behaviour and rituals. There's some other things hidden in there as well, but they're left for their reader to figure out.

Let us return to the '90s for a while. How was the band formed, and were you a two-piece unit back then?
 C > I used to hang out a lot with the drummer then, we shared the same taste in music and ideology, we traded tapes music from Finland as well as from foreign countries. At some point the idea and vision about forming a band got in motion. The band was a two-man group at first, but there were some visiting candidates for the bass player's position but in the end we remained a two-piece. At the time there weren't too many black metal-bands in Finland. We could also point the finger and the blame for our visions to a band named Beherit, to some extent.

Did you send out a lot of demos back then, and did you give out any interviews? Were you a part of the tape trading-scene?
 C > As I answered above, we were involved in the tape trading scene. I think we made 250 pieces of "The Chaos Spirit Among Us"-demo tape, and all of them were sent out. We gave out a few interviews, for example to Nocturnal Zine and to Kill Yourself + some foreign ones. We have also sent cd-copies of the demo to a few people from different corners of the world, who've been interested in it and have deserved it. We still get inquiries about where the tape could be obtained from.

Were you in contact with any of the black metal bands of that time?
 C > Archgoat, Virgin's Cult / Darkwoods My Betrothed, Mehazaer, Morningstar and many others, and we spent quite a while at Black Crucifixion's rehearsal place.

What kind of thoughts does the debut demo evoke in you nowdays? Is there a repress to be expected?
 C > The first demo still sounds really good. The Finnish label Grievantee will release "The Chaos Spirit Among Us"-demo as a 7"-vinyl during this year, if all goes well.

Has Lord Of Pagathorn considered about performing live?
 C > On a thought level, yes, but currently we're focusing on making songs.

What do you think of the nowdays' metal scene, and what type of music is listened within the band?
 C > Nowdays' metal scene is a mystical question, how about we leave it to each one's own consideration. Within the band, we listen to metal music.

What's your opinion about christianity, and how about satanism?
 C > Personal things, that on one hand aren't anyone else's business than each one's own. But about christianity, I think you don't even need to ask our opinion.

Do you rehearse often? Do you consume a lot of alcohol during the rehearsals?
 C > No, we rehearse way too rarely. Actually we haven't been rehearsing at all lately, because Sacrilegious Impalement (with Hellwind on vocals) has been preparing and recording a new album for some time now. We're planning on re-activating with the rehearsals soon, though, as this "break" has allowed me to spend more time on creating new songs. As of yet, we haven't enjoyed any alcohol at the rehearsal place.

What are your plans for the future?
 C > Our future plans include releasing new material in some way, for example getting the theme album out in a tangible form. We'll see what happens. "MSILIHPORCEN"-CDr-demo will be released as a tape-version soon as well.

How about the last words?
 C > Thanks for the interview and for your interest towards Lord Of Pagathorn.