Hello and welcome to Damned by Light. How is it going?
 Antti >
It's going nice! Summer and vacation are almost here and I just bought some cheap beer from Sweden. (Well, cheap compared to Finnish beer.)
 Olli > Just finished my 21-year studying row. Fucking exhausted.
 Pate > Too busy in my new job, don't have much time and energy to practice drums. But at least I'm not poor anymore... no time to spend money.
 Pete > Life is good. Sun, beer, grind, what more does one need?

Your music is fast and agressive like grindcore always should be. What is good mood for playing this kind of music?
 Antti >
For me the best playing vibe is actually when I'm in a good mood and with good friends. If you're really pissed off, the playing might be forced and unpleasant. On the other hand, being pissed off is the perfect mental state when I'm writing new songs.
 Olli > When playing other types of music, it's different. The best part in playing grindcore is when the bass roars, drums go insane, guitars start cutting some heads, and vocals start flaming from your monitors.. Your eyes turn over, and you go into a state which is something unexplainable. Trance is a close reference, except your brain is jerking off at 260bpm. Crazy.
 Pate > Blast beat is always fun to play!
 Pete > I'm always ready to grind. If I'm pissed off, I might push it a little bit too hard and that always end up in bruises / a sore throat. Makes for a good show, though.

Your second album "World Delirium" came out in january. So it is been out couple of months. How satisfied are you with this record right now?
 Antti >
We're all very pleased with it, there's very few things we would change, if any. It's a vicious little bastard!
 Olli > It's fucking perfect!
 Pate > I was very disappointed in my performance on the first album. WD felt like the biggest success I've ever had, especially when I read the reviews of it.
 Pete > Well, there are a few vocal arrangements I think I could've done better, some minor details in the lyrics that in retrospect should've been fixed but to be honest, these are minute details that really don't matter since everything else PUMMELS!!! I'm really proud of the album.

Feastem recorded "World Delirium" in 2009 and 2010. Was there any problems because it took so "long"?
 Antti >
Well, we changed our singer, so yeah, hehe! That delayed the process a bit.
 Olli > Yeah, band member management-issues.
 Pate > We changed our singer during the recording session. It would've been delayed even more if we hadn't found Pete so quick. Then it took some time to find a good label. After that we had little problems with the print.
 Pete > What they said.

How much Feastem has gone forward in musical ways from debut album "Fear in Concrete". How this debut album sounds if you place it side by side with your new record?
 Antti >
The actual style hasn't probably changed that much, but on the new album everything's done a little bit better. It's faster, has better songs and a better sound. On the first album we have songs even from our very first rehealsals, so it's not as tight a package.
 Olli > Fear in Concrete is kinda like a discoCRAPhy of the first years of the band. Holds good memories. In WD, Pate is faster!
 Pate > In FIC you (I) can hear how sloppy I was. I was much more relaxed, confident and experienced when we started to record WD, even if the songs were much harder and faster.
 Pete > Looking at these two albums as a little bit of an "outsider" (as I wasn't in the band when "Fear In Concrete" was released) I'd say the songwriting is the main thing that has improved. FIC had some badass tunes but WD crushes it song-wise. Obviously, the guys are even better with their instruments now + the overall sound is FATTER. Oh yeah, and WD is waaay faster, haha!

"World Delirium" coverart has statue of liberty pointing gun his head. Is this somekind of statement concerning United States?
 Antti >
Olli, you're responsible for this. Let's hear it.
 Olli > It's a figure that everyone knows. Represents liberty, a concept which every nation in western civilisation wants to achieve. Then comes greed and other generational errors, Liberty fails and becomes desperate. USA is not a straight target here. You just gotta see the connotations behind the picture
 Pete > Yeah, not against the US of A but more against the western (and for the most part American-born) view of "freedom" that in reality seems to be nothing more than mere glorification of consumerism, selfish hedonism, ignorance, greed and lack of responsibility. By using this "freedom", we as a society and a species take everything for granted and are holding a gun against our own head. When we think we have the "freedom" to do whatever we want and strive for any goal at any cost, we are causing irreparable damage to ourselves and the entire planet.

Feastem website says that your first EP "Psychotic Excess" has been banned from distribution. Is it really so bad or is this somekind of joke?
 Antti >
Yeah, it sucks. We had only been playing for a couple of months when we recorded it.
 Olli > Its epicly bad stuff. And rare!
 Antti > Every band's gotta have some rarities in their discography...
 Pate > After that EP I immediately felt that I have to take some drum lessons...we had to blur the sound so that you can't hear the mistakes... so clearly!
 Pete > I hope we still have some copies, it's gonna be Ebay gold in 5 years, haha!

Some of your lyrics are in finnish. Do you have any big reason for this or are somethings just easier to say in finnish? Does Feastem lyrics come from your own expriences and life?
 Antti >
Sometimes the lyrics just want to come out in finnish. I don't think there's any greater philosophy in that. The lyrics are mostly about things that piss us off, but there's the occasional zombie novel and Olli's psychedelic streams of consciousness, hehe!
 Olli > Sometimes the Finnish way of saying is the best way. As Antti said, the sources of the lyrics can be random :)
 Pate > We have more swear-words in finnish?
 Pete > It's just a matter of finding the right words. Some stuff can not be translated properly into english and vice versa. Like Antti said, the lyrics are observations of the world that surrounds us, some of them come form personal experiences and others are mere stream of consciousness. So yeah, I'd say they make for are a pretty good coverage of our inner worlds...

Your new album came through Obscene Productions, which is record label focused only in grindcore. How co-operation with them went? Did they contact you or how did you end up to release through Obscene Productions?
 Antti >
We're very happy with the co-operation! Everything's working nice. We asked Curby whether he wants to release the album and he liked it, so here we are.
 Olli > Album is out. Awesome!
 Pate > Antti and Olli know the details. I'm just pleased that we got such a dedicated person behind us. Contacting and promoting works more than great!
 Pete > Yeah, we're very happy. We're playing Obscene Extreme this year, the album seems to be available to all grindheads across the globe so no complaints. All we need now is to tour the world!!!

What is your best and worst memory from tour / gig? And what is best and worst thing in year 2011?
 Antti >
There are many good memories, one of the highlights must be Obscene Extreme -09. Great festival! The worst thing is definitely when we got robbed in Berlin right after that. Some fucker broke into our car and we had to cancel the rest of our European tour. As for 2011, getting World Delirium released is obviously awesome. We're also looking forward to the Obscene Extreme and Tuska festivals!
 Olli > Vihanti, Jaakonpäivät fucking rocked! Berlin. Broken car window. Cancelling tour.
 Pate > Best thing was the whole European tour with Slavebreed and the highlight was the gig in Obscene. Worst thing was the thief who broke into our car and forced us to cancel the rest of the tour. Best thing in 2011 is definitely again the gig in Obscene AND Tuska festival. Can't wait!!
 Pete > My best memory is probably the first show I did with these dudes and the moment when Olli turned around on stage right after we finished, took off his guitar, shook my hand and said: "Welcome to Feastem." I don't have any bad memories (yet, haha!) but the closest thing to a bad memory is when I accidentally double-booked myself to do a show with Feastem in Helsinki and another show with my other band, Famine Year in Tampere (200km from Helsinki) on the same night... That took a little logistic planning but I pulled it off and actually managed to do two great shows in one night! Good times but I don't think I EVER want to try and do that again... I actually had nightmares for a couple of nights before that day! Somehow I think this summer will bring a few great memories...

And last have to ask something very important. If you should choose one album from these in deserted island what it would be : "Carcass - Reek of Putrefaction" or "Napalm Death - Scum"?
 Antti >
Can I choose "Symphonies of Sickness"? Neither of the options are actually that important to me, though they are obviously considered the starting points of the genre. Grindcore has evolved from those days and for me there's better albums that came afterwards.
 Olli > Scum.
 Pate > Feastem - World Delirium, aahahaahaa!!
 Pete > This is choice is too hard, being the young rebel that I am, I would sneak both albums onto said island.

Thanks for the interview, keep on grinding! You have the last words.
 Antti >
Remember to work hard and fear God.
 Olli > Refuse bullshit and grind 'till the world is clean.
 Pate > Faster...!
 Pete > Thanks for the interview! Grind your face off!!!