The following interview is with ex-Samhain member Eerie Von. Here Eerie speaks about being in Samhain, Glenn Danzig and his latest project.

What bands did you play in prior to joining Glenn Danzig in Samhain? Were they punk bands?
 EV >
I started a hardcore punk band called Rosemary's Babies my senior Year of High School (1982) that lasted 3 years. We put out one 10 song 7" 45, (Blood Lust) and I was still in it when Glenn and I started talking about forming a Band together.
  On the bands 25th anniversary we released a 25 song CD called "Talking to the Dead".
  Google it, you can get it anywhere. It's Great.

When did you meet Danzig? Had you been a fan of The Misfits?
 EV >
I went to school with Doyle, (from 1977-1982) and I became a Misfits fan, when he turned me on to some of their unreleased music. I met Glenn the first time I photographed the band in 1981 (The Cave sessions) We became friends pretty soon after.

What genre of music inspires you these days?
 EV >
Mostly the real old stuff I heard as a child, going all the way back to the 1940's.
  I listen to mostly Blues, and Blues based bands, with some Older Country, and some of the Punk stuff I liked in High School

Are you interested in occult subjects?
 EV >
I'm interested in all Religions.

Can we jump back for a moment to the early days of Samhain. What were the live shows like in 1984? How did the audience respond to the new sound of the band - when I say new I mean different than what the Misfits had sounded like?
 EV >
People who had actually seen the Misfits had grown used to them playing very fast. I know Glenn and I were both into the fast Hardcore stuff, like Gang Green, but we wanted to be different, so when the crowd said "Play Faster" we'd play another slow song!
  Early on, we played to small crowds like any other New band, and I think we lost some of the Misfits fans who weren't willing to give the New band a chance, but we didn't care. It was a different band, and we wanted to move ahead, and do our thing.

When did you release your first solo album? Could you tell us about it?
 EV >
After leaving Danzig in 1995 I recorded a record with a good friend of mine who worked at the rehearsal studio Danzig used to use, in New Jersey. It was recorded in 1996 (at Reel Platinum studios in Lodi NJ) and came out in 97. It was a Horror Movie Sound track type record called "Uneasy Listening".

Any plans to release rare Samhain and Eerie Von solo material?
 EV >
I don't have the rights to release any Samhain material, that's Glenn's thing, but there isn't any studio stuff left, I believe he's put it out already.
  I have some unreleased spooky stuff, I hope to release one day, on a compilation from the darker CDs I've made.

Could you tell us about your latest album-Who joins you on these sessions?
 EV >
Except for "Uneasy Listening" (with Mike Morance) I've recorded my other 4 CDs all by myself. Playing all the instruments.

What are your plans for the future?
 EV >
I hope to put out more records, continue painting, and doing my Art/Photography shows, as well, as putting out more books.

Any Psychobilly bands out there that you think are worth seeking out?
 EV >
There is so much good stuff coming out these days, I can't keep it all straight, but I think "Dead Dick Hammer" is worth looking into.

 EV > Check me out on Facebook. All My CDs are available thru iTunes, Emusic, CDBaby, and as well as my Book "Misery Obscura".

Thanks EV!!