The following interview is with the band Sundog Factory. Sundog Factory is influenced by Tool, Alice in Chains and Soundgarden. While influenced by grunge, too, their sound is their own. Here they speak of their influences, early days as The Homes and other subjects.

The band was originally called The Homes and later became Sundog Factory. Could you tell us how the band started and when?
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The Homes emerged in 2007 with a musical style quite different from the current one in Sundog Factory. As the first songs were very simple and recorded in a small home studio, we named “The Homes” as a joke. We performed a few times but at a certain point we realized that kind of music did not give us much pleasure anymore. At least not as much as the one we are having playing as Sundog Factory so far. By changing the style, we also had the name changed and added two new members: Ije replaced our former drummer Acacia and Raphael took on the second guitar. So, we started making much heavier music, with completely different influences, something we always intended and enjoyed playing.

Who are some of your ifluences?
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Mainly Alice in Chains and Tool. But we cannot deny classics like Black Sabbath and AC/DC, as well as other important influences such as the early Pearl Jam and Soundgarden´s albums, the Nola album from Down, along with a lot of Pantera and Slayer.

Who writes the band's lyrics and what inspires you to write?
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Arthur Chagas and Sergio Fonchaz are the writers. Our lyrics basically deal with the existential analysis of the human being, not as it is idealized by any culture or religion, but as it is in its crudest and daily reality, that culminates in a series of unexplainable behaviors and pathologies that we constantly see in modern society. That’s what motivates us to play, what makes us cast light upon our own illnesses and through that heal humanity. After all, that’s what art is all about... isn´t it?

Is the band currently working on an upcoming album?
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We have some songs ready and others still in process of completion, but the fact is that we never stop producing new material. According to our concept of contemporary music, we don’t work thinking in terms of albums, at least not as that closed, ordered and coherent set of songs with a beginning, middle and an end. Our way of composing is quite more chaotic, not working with pre-established goals. Therefore we are always making changes on our older songs, mainly to keep them powerful, and also to make them sound always better and heavier, in a constant evolution process. This obviously won’t restrain us from gathering a certain amount of songs in the traditional format of a commercial album – if the proposal arises in the near future with a possible invitation from a label.

Is a tour possible at this point?
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Being a new independent band, without any type of signed contract, a tour outside of our country in the present is somewhat impractical. But it’s obvious that performing our music around the world is our wish, that’s what we work for and hopefully someday we’ll be hanging around other places.

Have you met the lead singer of the band Tool? He had spoke about the band.
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Unfortunately, we have never met Maynard, although Tool is one of our biggest and most confessed influences. We are very pleased to know that he has heard of our music and spoken about us.

What lies in the future for the band and will you choose a single from the upcoming album?
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Make as much music and perform as much as we can, taking our music to as many people as we can. In the short term, make our first music video – probably for our first single “Road to the Sun”. Even with no urgent plans for an album, we are naturally always ready for the opportunities that arise along the way.

Thanks Guys!
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KeKeep in touch, John!
SuSundog Factory.