Dear Mr. Peter Hayden,
first off I'd like to thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions of the most obvious kind.

How was this past summer for you?
   LK >
All good, all good. Recording the last piece of the trilogy, third full-length.

Any idea when the final piece will be released?
   LK >
Spring 2013? It comes out when it needs and has to. It brings only bad luck when you try to control things that are not meant to be controlled.

Care to shed some light on what you are and what you do?
   LK >
Six/five-piece from Kankaanpää, Finland. Doing what we’ve been doing last ten years.

What is the driving force for you guys? What ignites your inspiration to create?
   LK >
Fuelled by freedom, inspired by ourselves and everything that we could be.
   TS > Also the gift of not paying too much attention on certain topics and phenomenons. The will to look and live through unfamiliar places.

For me the most familiar album is "Faster than Speed", what was the running thought behind the album, or is there any philosophy behind your music?
   LK >
On FTS, the first piece of the current trilogy, it was all about time and how to alter the personal perception of it. And the way I see it, we are all about the bigger picture, you may call it philosophy.
   TS > Faster than Speed was the first full-length crossing of what was and is to come of ourselves in an interrelationship with the whole enchilada, the universe et cetera.

How do you see the visual aspects, like cover arts etc., come together with the music? How much do you plan these things?
   TS >
You just got to have an intuition and an experienced impression of how’s it gonna be. Whether it’s a bird or a group of lights and beacons flashing and flickering.
   LK > Everything has a meaning and a place in the big picture, but planning is often better to be overtaken by channeling and guidance.

How do you see your evolution as a band? Is there a red line throughout your releases?
   LK >
There’s certain line, yes. Everything has a meaning and instead of individual theme albums our every release is a part of the greater theme/story. And as everything living is ever-evolving so are we.

Space rock and Kraut have been frequent associations when speaking of your music, how do you feel about this? Does it bother you to be categorized, or do you even care?
   LK >
Mostly not, though it gives a good laugh now and then.
   TS > The whole kraut-thing is a more or less of a joke these days. The whole labeled and packed thing is a joke too. It’s all kinda silly. Repetition does not come out naturally by first making it a concept and then trying to imitate. Where’s the real impulse to that?

I have associated your band with praise and acclaim from the music medias, how have you experienced the reception to your music?
   LK >
I too have met people who have gained access to lots of pleasure and enjoyment through our music. That is just what we want to give people and in this case we make no difference between a critic and a non-critic.

Have you been doing frequently gigs? How would you describe them and most important: do you have huge orgies backstage?
   LK >
Whenever there is a backstage, there will be something special... Who have you been talking to? In December we will be celebrating the vinyl release of Born A Trip and doing few gigs including at least Helsinki, Tampere and Tallinn. 2013 will include more dates, can’t tell much more about that yet.
   TS > We’re gonna have a good time.

What do you have in store for you fans in the future?
   LK >
Third, epic double album to complete the trilogy FTS begun in 2010.

Some 2-3 years is a rather short time to build up an epic trilogy, what's your secret when bands like Metallica need 5 years to put together an album, or 14 years in the case of Guns N' Roses.
   LK >
Yes it is, a rather short time. Of course we didn’t have to make up the story, just to tell it. And we could have done everything in much shorter time though. Luckily we didn’t.

Do you guys already have planned where you will take mr.Peter Hayden after the trilogy is done?
   TS >
   LK > We are going to have a party.

Now as the end draws closer, do you have any last requests and/or final words?
   LK >
Free yourselves, be yourselves. Get out of the boxes and tear off the labels, run to the forests and never go back.
   TS > It’s as simple as that.

Thanks again for your time!
   LK >
Thank you.
   TS > Thanks.

Promo photos: Aki Klemm / Koiramato
Live photos: Hervanta Must Die / Helena Näätänen