Greetings, how are you today?
   C. Magos >
Ave, I am fine, man. Slowly, slowly the summer goes away, and it's time to concentrate to music activities.

Necroterror Records was founded in 2006. How did you get the idea of founding a label? Is this the first label you've owned or worked WITH ?
   C. Magos >
Necroterror records born on 6/6/06!
Before Necroterror Records I used to run NECRO OBSCURE TERROR, which only did one release from the Japanese masters of death/crust: BATHTUB SHITTER.
During the time I used to run a small mailorder (in the beginning of '90s) under the name OVER MOSH - UNDER PRESSURE which sold mainly Greek death / black metal demos, 7" EPs and LPs. During 1994 I released the first Cypriot zine under the name IMMORTAL DEUS LUCIFER. 100 pages on black and white xerox. Then I played in two different bands during my six years in U.K.
   When I came back to Cyprus in 2003 I spent a few years in hibernation, and then I started NECROTERROR RECORDS.

I've understood that you were involved in making 'zines prior to founding Necroterror. Are you still active in writing reviews or interviewing bands, or is that now in the past for you? Do you follow any 'zines or webzines these days?
   C. Magos >
As i told you before I did IMMORTAL DEUS LUCIFER... I still remember the demo questions for SAMAEL, NECROMANTIA, GORGOROTH, GODBLOOD, ROTTING CHRIST, PANTYMONIUM, IMPALED NAZARENE and more. The aartwork was done by C. MOYEN. This was back in 1994, but I did not promote it well as a few months later I was in the army for 26 months.
   Nowadays my only music activity is with Necroterror Records and a black metal band called SATANIC SUPPLICIA. Our 7" EP will be out very soon.

Your label focuses on black metal. Are there some specific qualities you're looking from the artists you want to publish a record from, be it a certain sound, ideology or such? In other words, what does a band need to possess in order to get a contract with Necroterror Records?
   C. Magos >
The main idea was to release only black metal on vinyl, but during the time I've helped two new bands with a CD-release (SCYTHIAN and SOMRAK), and then got back to vinyl releases!
   The only ideology that I want to see in a band is that they keep the black flame alive.

Keeping with this topic, what are your own (and hence, the label's) ideological roots? Are you an occultist?
   C. Magos >
I spend many years with studying and exercise, black arts. But I can not find any reason to say more in public.
   Ages ago I used to take some help from one of Necromantia's members...

How do you find and choose the bands to offer a record deal to - or do the bands find you? Are a lot of promos sent your way?
   C. Magos >
I consider myself as an old member of the underground black metal scene, so I know many people around the globe. Sometimes bands come to me, and some other times I ask them. During the years I've had a big help from A. from THE ONE.

Continuing from what I wrote above, are there some specific factors a black metal-band might have that will stop you from releasing their works, for example some political, religious or ideological views?
   C. Magos >
I do not like the idea of mixing politics into black metal, or metal in general! And about religion, no space for a christian or muslim band in NECROTERROR.

Our Gods Became Your Satan
And Satan Became Our God

Although most of your releases are black- or death metal, you've also released a 7" from Kaviar Kavalier who are an industrial/electronic metal group. How did this release come to be?
   C. Magos >
The man behind K.K is Tom Necrocock from MASTER'S HAMMER! I used to talk with him ages ago and we share the same ideas (occult, antichristian, necro, and sex fetish..). It was so nice to visit him in Prague and talk about all this. The idea of the 7" EP came after some pints. I never regret releasing this 7" EP!!! Much better music than from any neo black metal kids on the block band!!!!

You've released a few CDs, but most of your releases are published solely on vinyl. Is there a specific reason for this? I know it's way harder and more expensive to publish and send vinyl releases, so at least you're not trying to make your work any easier, heh!
   C. Magos >
Only vinyl is really my dear friend, CDs are good for the car.

You released "The Wine Of Satan vol. II" in 2008. The original T.W.o.S.-compilation came out in 1993 through Spellbound Records. Where did you get the idea to publish the second volume to this series, and how were the bands chosen for it? Are the first compilation's creators aware that you made a second part to it? Also, will a 3rd volume be published some day?
   C. Magos >
I had a chat with A. from THE ONE, and I told him that I want to do a V/A in the vein of THE WINE OF SATAN vol I, and he gave me the idea to do the second one. So, I called The Magus from Necromantia and Gothmog from THOU ART LORD, and asked for a permission to use the title and to do the second one. The said ok, and then I asked C. Moyen for a cover.
   The choosing of the bands is a big story that I can share with you when we meet in person.

A few of your releases have been available as diehard-editions as well, and the 12" you published from the black metal-band "The One" was solely available as a special edition. Have they been based on the bands' suggestions, or are they something you yourself like to do? Are you a fan of this kind of "limited special edition"-releases yourself? These days a lot of those end up in the hands of people who're mainly hoping to make a profit out of them online, does this aspect worry you?
   C. Magos >
When bands have their music ready they just want to see it out the next morning. This is when the label comes in and must say that "we need a good cover and not fucking photshop shit + extras," and then we start the second round of negotiations. At the end of the day I am happy with all my releases, and all the bands too...

Many of your releases are sold out. Are you aiming to repress any of them in the future, or are they now gone for good?
   C. Magos >
I aim to repress and re-release.

In general, how has your work and releases been received so far? How about your own view on your releases; are there some you'd like to rise above the others either musically, lyrically or visually, or even some you now regret releasing?
   C. Magos >
I am very happy with all my releases... No time to regret.
   God is dead we KILLED him!

Your newest release is a CD from the Slovenian band Somrak. In the near future you're releasing an one-sided LP from Nuclear Winter (pre-Dead Congregation), and a 7"-vinyl from Satanic Supplicia who, according to your description, play "unorthodox black metal." What can you tell us about these releases? I'm especially curious about the Satanic Supplicia-record, as you might've guessed.
   C. Magos >
The vinyls and posters of NUCLEAR WINTER are in our hands, now we're just waiting for the covers. This release will be limited to 300 copies. The SATANIC SUPPLICIA covers are ready and waiting for the 7" EP.
   Now I'm dealing with HORNED ALMIGHTY, FROSTMOON ECLIPSE, SOMRAK and THE STONE for a four way split limited to 100 copies.

What will Necroterror Records offer us after these ones are out, or do you yet have plans for that time?
   C. Magos >
Hopefully I will see some cash as I have some plans, but time will show.

If a band reading this interview is hoping to have their works released under the banner of Necroterror, what should they do to make that happen?
   C. Magos >
Please send a promo pack to our P.O. box, no time to check your band out from mp3 and other shit formats.

Anything you'd like to add or discuss further?
   C. Magos >
Thanks for the support, man!!!